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  1. Fishing Videos
    2016 marks the year for our 10 years of fishing together. We stay at cabins stay up late playing guitar and get up early to go fishing. Here is our 10 year anniversary video. Enjoy!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just joined the forum and have spent all day (at work) reading all sorts of interesting stuff! I am living in Stavanger and have fished for salmon, mostly with various fly rods, for the past 50 years (I was quite small when I started!). I am a bit of an equipment freak not that it seems to help...
  3. Gillie's Tales
    I am lucky in that I have had the chance to do lots of different fishing at home and overseas but I have only really had the chance to fish for salmon twice in my life so far. This is the story of just my second attempt last September 2015 that originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of...
  4. General Board
    This is the SSFS magazine Page Hi Guys, we have just updated the "Top rod" feature on the website, which you can access using the link above, where we look at next week's all important Scottish salmon fishing prospects. Good luck to all planning to wet a line. Tight lines, Sandy and Sam
  5. Fishing Videos
    A video I've put together of my trip down to New Zealand in February. I was supposed to be going fishing for Chinook on the rivers around Christchurch with my mate who lives down there, but we ended up getting flooded out. However, I always carry my Orvis Frequent Flyer 5wt with me just in case...
  6. Fishing Videos
    A compilation of our trip to Mongolia to fish for Taimen - trip of a life time and now being married, probably the last! Used a Orvis Clearwater 9wt and a Rio Pike and Bass line, which worked well casting big streamers and mouse patterns. Here is a video for the Taimen I caught at 29.5lb...
  7. Fishing Videos
    Please have a look at our new film from Finnmark county in Norway:) The film was made in one week in end of july/beg of august 2015. Hope you enjoys it. Follow our youtube channel: Salmonstalkers
  8. Rookies Corner
    Hi, I would like 3 days salmon fishing anywhere in Scotland, I am flexible on dates, a little guidance and instruction would be nice, but just the minimum, anytime in September, willing to pay for accommodation, for 2, plus faithful labrador, or I can find my own. I can go anywhere in...
  9. General Board
    I've been fishing since I was a nipper and salmon fishing for over twenty years on the river ribble - I've read a lot of books about salmon fishing and always wanted to write one a little different - Its safe to say that that has been achieved in my debut book Terminal Chancer. Rather than...
  10. General Board
    Hi, Anyone offer any tips to fish a spate river in very low water for salmon on the fly? I gather i would use full floating ect but what size and what fly works well in low water? I can see salmon in the pools they must be travelling up at night, but they are resting in the slack water at the...
  11. Fishing Videos
    Dad fly fishing adventurer 2013 ireland brown trout co.mayo - YouTube
  12. Varzuga
    GRAND VARZUGA Salmon Junkies have managed to get full exclusivity on a long termed lease of more than 30 km of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula - the famous Varzuga River. One of the most popular and fantastic salmon rivers on Kola, this charming section of...
  13. Picture Gallery
    Having trout fished from an early age this year at 15 I decided to give the bigger relative a go. The famous Blackwater Co. Cork is two mins behind my back door and after seeing the huge run last year while trout fishing I was really excited this year! So after many, many blank days I finally...
1-13 of 13 Results