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  1. General Board
    Just wondering for those who make own lires, id like to order coloured blades but they seen hard to find and a lot more expensive, do people oaint them? If so what sort of paint? Also for mepps style spinner bodies what do you use? I was thinking of ordering fluro glass beads?
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    Eh up, I'm looking to source a quality Fluro. Yellow Bucktail-,now I'm quite particular in my bucktail and particularly the shade of Yellow. Idealy it should be a very bright Dayglo Yellow, very much akin to a Safety Jacket Yellow, strong in shade and not at all wishy washy and certainly not...
  3. General Board
    With the big issue of plastics and not breaing down within the environment be it at sea or land. As anglers should we stop using fluro? and do our bit for the environment as fluorocarbon does not breakdown either. Just putting it out there. Sewinfly. .............
  4. General Board
    Have a full range of Airflo Polytips which recommend tying on tippets up to 22.5lb. Have recently bought some 18lb Fluro and Nylon both of which are considerably thicker (0.4mm) than the Nylon core of the Polytip. Indeed having pulled for a break when snagged, using the fluro, the Polytip broke...
  5. General Board
    An emotive subject to quite a few, especially if you consider the cost of some of the stuff!.Any way I sort of nearly don't mind Seaguar-don't like the price bit at all though!.Like the clarity a lot, the sink speed can at times be a hindrance or a positive boon.However I'm not at all sold on...
1-5 of 5 Results