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  1. Trout Fishing
    Hi all, Can you help a relative newbie please? I'm confused! I don't know what kind of line I should stick on my reel when spinning for trout. I'd read a lot about braid being tough and sensitive so I thought I'd pop some braid on there. Now I'm being told I should use fluorocarbon whilstst...
  2. General Board
    With the big issue of plastics and not breaing down within the environment be it at sea or land. As anglers should we stop using fluro? and do our bit for the environment as fluorocarbon does not breakdown either. Just putting it out there. Sewinfly. .............
  3. Rookies Corner
    When fishing stillwaters fluorocarbon can be useful due to its density it sinks much faster than nylon, i have some in my bag that I'll use when conditions require. Apparently salmon aren't line shy so the claimed "its harder for fish to see" is irrelevant even if true. In my tests, trilene...
  4. General Board
    Hi Guys This thread comes off the back of the ""Gorilla Fluoro Carbon"" started by Aquadag.. My question is this,,,What dropper knot do you use with Fluorocarbon and how does it rate for strength ? I was using the Triple surgeons knot with Seaguar 15lb Fluorocarbon but tended to get quite a...
  5. Other Tackle
    Anybody using Gorilla UC-4 fluorocarbon for salmon fly fishing? Came across this fluorocarbon a while back and liked the fact that it has a lot of stretch relative to the more usual Saeguar; hence better knot strength, more flexible and less brittle etc. Apparently its popular with sea anglers...
  6. Trout Fishing
    Can someone please explain the difference between co polymer and fluorocarbon, im about to order some tapered leaders which are co polymer from hardy. Is it better than mono tapers for visibility? Thanks Al
  7. General Board
    Bought some Berkley trilene fluorocarbon to try out this season,it seemed good value at £9 for 200yards,any other forum members use this,your thoughts on knot strength and performance SS
  8. Other Tackle
    Like many on here I sometimes used Seaguar fluorocarbon for hand tied tapered leaders. It's inclined to be brittle and of course it can be difficult to bed-down knots, especially in the larger diameters. I hear tell of softer Fluorocarbon line being available these days, which should be less...
  9. General Board
    Hi All, I am thinking of changing my set up slightly this Autumn, to go with a tapered fluorocarbon polyleader instead of the normal 5/10ft polyleaders. The reason being that unless one uses the very heavy polyleaders I don't find the slow/medium sink varieties have any real benefit over a...
1-9 of 9 Results