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  1. Classified Sales
    Guideline 4D multi tip float body NOW SOLD 35g/540gr. 7m/ 23ft As new cast once £45 posted PayPal gift SOLD
  2. Classified Sales
    I have 2 new lines for sale,test cast only. EIH 10# 39g float ESSS 9/10 33 g float. £45 + post each. Lines SOLD pending.Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Shooting Heads
    These look quite interesting especially the clear float and the float/ intermediate tip. I have not used Vision lines before but I understand they are made by airflo so should be good. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  4. Prawn & Shrimp
    I wondered if someone could post a shot or drawing of the end rig for prawn fishing. Are there 2 rigs, one float fished and one lightly ledgered?
  5. Swap Shop
    Power taper RM float evolve 48 gram head test cast only swap for 9/10 wt floating head "line now gone"
  6. Classified Sales
    Guideline Power Taper RM float evolve 11/12# 48 grams factory loops both ends test cast only "as new" condition £32 posted
  7. Shooting Heads
    How much are members cutting off the front of the AFS float to improve turnover with tips ? And also, can a loop be welded afterwards ? I've had trouble trying to weld floating lines in the past. Any advice appreciated.
  8. Swap Shop
    Airflo rage compact 570 float as new condition swap for decent 7 or 8 wt trout line float or hover.
  9. Swap Shop
    I have the above floating head used one day and a float hover tip unused looking to swap for a Rio skagit max long in 575grain in same condition cheers Craig
  10. Classified Sales
    sold sold sold sold Gaelforce 10wt integrated float shooting head Orange running line.tan loading bar , green this from a member but have not used it. Put a new welded loop on the fromt as i do with all my lines Excellent condition and only used a couple times Non original spool £45...
  11. Swap Shop
    Airflo Rage Compact Float 570 grains mint condition swap for 10 wt Scandi head
  12. Classified Sales
    3 x Vision Ace Shooting Heads 31g #9/10 Floating Float / Inter1 Float / Sink2 Looped on one end, braided loop on the other. Green in colour Used but in good condition, in boxes etc.. £45.00 for all three inc postage to mainland UK
  13. General Board
    Im looking for the above line..Preferably in hover but float will do as its for a friend . Please pm if you can help..
  14. Classified Wanted
    Looking for any of the following lines Salmologic head 26g float or float/sink 1 Salmologic short cut head 26g float or float/sink 1 Rio switch chucker 6wt Must be in v good condition Thanks PBP
  15. Classified Sales
    Anew in box hardy #8-9+ 36g 37ft float /float /hover shooting head never been out of packet £35 pm me if of interest
  16. Classified Sales
    guideline pt compact 8/9 Float and float, hover, sink 1 £53 posted for both SOLD SOLD
  17. Classified Sales
    SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  18. Swap Shop
    I have 3 heavy mo tips ,looking for to swap for light or medium mo tips.Two of the tips have been used once,and the other is used. Sizes are 2-5 float 7-5 t14, 5’ float 5’ t14 by 2. SORTED THANKS.
  19. General Board
    The full story of my visit Monday to the Itchen can be found on the Hants Avon thread, suffice to say I lost one Salmon in a snag and landed a beauty, pretty sure I'd have been able to stop the first one getting into the sunken bush had I been using my favoured centerpin reel. I'd fished the...
  20. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the 33g full float head new or used Thanks
1-20 of 63 Results