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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm still at work(a part of the food chain!), all I do most of my day is wash and sterilise my hands at the slightest deviation from actually working.Now this is all highly embarrassing, but its wrecking my hands!.I'm a roughty toughty bloke, used to getting, mucky, filthy, oily, greasy, inky...
  2. General Board
    Without a doubt, we all have our favourite easy to fish pools, wade in, chuck out a size 8 on a bit of a sinky tippy thing, then wind in a chrome bright fish!. But!, whats at the other end of the scale?, pools that do produce fish, but it's a hard fought battle for what ever the reason.You...
  3. General Board
    Got to thinking t'other day.I don't catch that many Sea Trout when I'm fishing for Salmon(assuming there's some there to catch of course), as largely I'm fishing Salmon patterns( flee fishing if I dare admit to that!) and fishing in a manner/place to try and catch Salmon, especially in day light...
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Just wondering where you all do your fly tying?. I've now got the little back bedroom(its a perfect size!) and inherited my eldest sons old computer table- plenty of draws and a big flat tying space, ok for vices etc., I've also another set of draws behind for associated fishing gubbins and all...
  5. General Board
    In the light of a few excellent threads on flee's being considered at the moment, I'm just wondering what folks think makes up a good flee. Now I'm not just asking for a Siver Stoat or a Purple Willie etc etc., but rather by definition what makes a good flee?. Is it modern mobile materials...
  6. General Board
    Well, out last afternoon/evening, Rivers getting very very low now and starting to get a bit claggy, the flows dropped away to not very much and most of the time the flee needs help in looking appealing to the fish.The odd fish that are about are getting cagey as owt and it doesn't take much for...
  7. General Board
    Had an hours fishing last night for 2 seatrout. This 3lb spanker was another fan of Dr Ps flee.
  8. General Board
    I met up with Dr Patrick and his lovely wife in April. He forced me to take some of his flees no mates how I protested. In the end I took 5 cascade/kinermony killers and they looked really nice. Any way after leaving the first 2 flees on trees, I finally managed to catch this lovely fish on Dr...
  9. General Board
    Well done bex for having some flee patterns on show in this month t&s
  10. General Board
    Here's me telling you all how to hook fish and what a great day I had yesterday.Want to hear the rest of it? Just after waving Ta Ta to a lump of a fish,I carried on fishing and let fly to get the flee out there again.However all went not according to plan, and my anchor skipped and the flee...
  11. European Rivers
    has anyone any recommendations for a river / beat in norway at the start of their season ? looking for somewhere with a chance of a fresh fish seeing me flee any advice on water temp barriers greatly appreciated. cheers
1-11 of 11 Results