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  1. General Board
    Anybody know what the affect is on fishing already booked for this week......refunds from fishpal or alternative days.......not likely I'm thinking!
  2. River Spey
    Hello , Looking at fishpal, I see that there is no fish caught on the spey! Does this seem curious to me or is it reality?
  3. General Board
    Anybody finding it impossible to access fishpal catches/availability etc? Cheers
  4. Scottish Rivers
    Is there a problem with the catches pages for rivers on the fishpal site? I’m away fishing and trying to access these on my phone so this may be the problem; but is the website at fault does anyone know? Regards, Tyke.
  5. General Board
    I noticed when booking some fishing through Fishpal that they are still charging an extra fee which from memory was between 3 and 4 percent for payment by credit card. My understanding of this was that the Government had banned this charge with effect from January 2018. Even DVLA allow you to...
  6. General Board
    Spey gordon castle Aye these numbers correct on fishpal if so what a week there having ?
  7. General Board
    As an IT Luddite can anyone tell me if my fishpal settings have reverted to some weird & annoying mobile form of presentation or have they changed to this deliberately? If so, for the love of God why? It's horrible compared to what has operated for the last several years! Yours (increasingly...
  8. General Board
    Hi, I took up (salmon - majority fly) fishing last year and eagerly bumbled my way through my newly found love of the sport/hobby call it what you may. It's never easy to take up a new skill with zero experience of whats required. Learning curve is an understatement and difficult to do solo...
  9. Scottish Rivers
    Does anyone know? when you buy a day permit on an Association club water from Fishpal, do you fish to club rules or have Fishpal got rules they apply? like the Taking of fish. I am hearing different versions. Langavat
  10. General Board
    Hi, does anyone know, when you buy a day ticket from Fishpal on a club water is it club rules or has fishpal rules added? Just that I have heard different versions. Langavat
  11. General Board
    March 19th, looking at the FishPal levels, I think there’s a rabbit off with the Hexham levels, probably the last five days. They are much higher than they should be vs Corbridge, with nothing coming down. And it’s not completely unreasonable either for the uninitiated, so could be misleading...
  12. General Board
    Are any beats refunding rods in the light of the extreme weather, or has anyone had success with the fishpal insurance scheme, I have heard its not so straightforward when you try and claim from them.
  13. General Board
    Grantown Association bookings now on FishPal Title says it all.
  14. General Board
    I'm not sure if i'm looking in the right place or not. But was looking on fishpal to try a couple of new beats on the Dee and Tay. Cannot find any monthly catch figures. It gives a 5 year average figure but cannot find any broken down per year and/or by month. Am I missing something? Is it not...
  15. General Board
    Just had a look at the river levels on FishPal, think Dumfries could be washed into the Solway sometime today.:)
  16. River Tay
    With slightly less enthusiasm than the last couple of years, I though I'd start the 2018 thread. Hopefully I'm going to get up during the first week for a cast- no idea where yet - fishpal seems to be playing up at the moment. Wondering if 30g Salmos will be heavy enough....
  17. General Board
    I see Fishpal have "revamped" the "Beat / Fishery Descrptions" section of their website. Main difference being, I now can't seem to find a direct contact for the beat / ghillie, as this seems to have been removed? End result being, unless you've already got the contact details for a beat you...
  18. General Board
    Is it me, or has the Fispal site and sites been down for the past 18 hours?
  19. General Board
    ****** Fishpal According to Fishpal, the Wear and Tyne seasons are finished and the seasons restart on January 1st !!! Does anyone know if the season start and end dates have changed ? You think someone at Fishpal, would get it right. Bad publicity 'n all !!!
  20. Classified Sales
    Looking to sell this rod as I can no longer make it. I will inform the Ghillie that someone else is fishing and i will also forward the fishpal booking confermation. £70 Pm me if your interested.
1-20 of 20 Results