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  1. Classified Sales
    Great condition, hardly used. Comes with original bag and tube. The tube doesn’t zip up but I can supply the same tube in better condition for an extra £10 Have a matching hardy demon 7000 red in my other listings can post
    £190 GBP
  2. Classified Sales
    Comes with #8 line, original box, bag, papers and 3 spare spools. Reel is in good condition with some gravel rash as shown in pictures. Have the matching rod 11ft #7 available to sell separately or together can post thanks
    £200 GBP
  3. General Board
    Required viewing while you are not fishing... Or... How not to manage your natural resources.. DamNation | The Problem with Hydropower - YouTube
  4. General Board
    On the BBC, Tennis & Fishing will be allowed :D Cheers WD
  5. General Board
    Hi I mentioned this in another thread. I’ve accepted the fact my 2 weeks in Tenerife in July ain’t gonna happen. Last year I spent the first 2 weeks in July in Tenerife and then took the young lad up the Helmsdale for a week to fish the town water the last week in July for the grilse. We had a...
  6. General Board
    Well I was. Here's a tale from the past to raise a few eyebrows. Banned for practising catch and release. What a badge to hold, perhaps unique! Perhaps illustrates where we were to where we are now. I'm not even a huge C&R advocate. I still take the odd fish for myself or for friends if...
  7. General Board
    My pal, Charles Drummond, of trout n about fame, drafted a letter to be sent to his MP as well as his MSP. Here is a copy if anyone is of a mind to send a copy to their parliamentary rep. Cheers Dear Parliamentary Representative, CURRENT RESTRICTIONS ON ANGLING ACTIVITY I, among many...
  8. General Board
    What you think about the interviews?(am not on facebook,watch on catch up) personally I’ve loved the chats with Ian Gordon,very informative and sounds like your dream fishing partner ? ie would help you out and tell you some great stories sitting at the waters edge .
  9. General Board
    What would you do if you seen someone landing a fish today.
  10. General Board
    I’m still a newbie when it comes to salmon fishing and only started fly fishing for salmon 2 seasons ago and am now totally addicted. Anyway I intend to go on lots of fishing trips around the world as I get more time and money to do so and as such have started taking note of the places I would...
  11. Fishing Videos
    Vosso 2016 " Vossoguden og Smultringen" Laks 118cm - YouTube Fly fishing NZ - Late Season 'Southern Sojourn'. - YouTube 'It's all part of the story' Fly Fishing New Zealand. - YouTube Fly fishing New Zealand 'Erasing the winter blues' - YouTube Vosso 2016 " Vossoguden og Smultringen" Laks 118cm...
  12. Picture Gallery
    Hi I am thinking of buying the shimano stradic fl 4000 for salmon fishing I want peoples opinions on the reel and how it would do for salmon fishing
  13. General Board
    Sitting out the lockdown here in Newfoundland, Canada I’ve had lots of time to read and reread some of my many salmon fishing books. After reading the interesting parts of “Fisherman’s Pie”, mainly the contributions from A.H.E. Wood and Ernest Crosfield, I’ve started in on “Fishing the Floating...
  14. General Board
    I'm seriously considering buying a gopro for all my fishing exploits this season..... It's not something I've dabbled in but I am tempted to film a bit of where I fish and make some amateur videos......hopefully including some fish too. Can anybody reccomend or advise which to go for and also...
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi all, You may be aware that we are planning to change the Salmon Forum software from Vbulletin to Xenforo. You've probably noticed that Vbulletin is outdated and slow. Xenforo is faster, and more modern and is very widely used for forums now. We have already moved the Fly Fishing forum onto...
  16. General Board
    What size of salmon fly is best for spring fishing and summer
  17. General Board
    Hi guys I recently just joined due to boredom mostly lol. I thought Id make a thread to hear from other members what their first realistic fishing trip will be after the lockdown has ended. Ill start by saying I am hoping to get back out on the Deveron. Albeit I wont quite know where the fish...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    When or if we get a vaccine or those that survive, have immunity from this virus,will it change your life? Will we/you look at life in a different way. Will we no longer take things for granted? Will we no longer see it as a chore to go and visit friends or family? Will we be more appreciative...
  19. General Board
    Loving these old story threads and know there will be some cracking funny fishing stories that will cheer us up as talking about fishing is as close as we are all getting the now. Anyway this story put a smile on my fishing partners face. I was fishing the crooked pool south esk on my kirrie...
  20. General Board
    With fishing and shooting off the menu at present with this poxy Chinese virus, I haven't heard a shot gun fire off for 10days or more ? f.e.b's and rabbits etc are safe as houses ? My question to forum members on here have you every witnessed a goosander or cormorant being...
1-20 of 500 Results