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  1. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    All Inland Fisheries people working from home.God help our salmon
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I believe it opens tomorrow. What other Irish salmon fisheries are open other than the Drowes.
  3. General Board
    BBC Scotland - Salmon near 'crisis point' fear fisheries experts Extract: Dr Alan Wells, chief executive of Fisheries Management Scotland, said salmon catches had reached their lowest levels ever and nature was "sending us some urgent signals". "Official catch figures for recent years confirm...
  4. General Board
    The subject matter of the Pace brothers "Into the wilderness" podcast this week is salmon conservation: "It's a fishy business this week as we chat with Dr Craig MacIntyre, Director of the Esk Rivers and Fisheries Trust and District Salmon Fisheries Board. We begin discussing salmon farming and...
  5. General Board
    Conservation of salmon - Assessment for the 2019 fishing season I am writing to let you know that the Scottish Ministers propose to continue to regulate the killing of salmon in Scotland, including the prohibition on retaining any salmon caught in coastal waters, by means of conservation...
  6. General Board
    Just did a quick summery of the largest fisheries in Scotland. Forty five selected fisheries . Five were up on the 10year avg Twenty nine were down on 10 year avg Eleven had no 10 year avg available . How long will it take for the people we pay through fees,subs,and permits to find out what is...
  7. General Board
    Sorry to upset the Tweed lobby but rumours abound that the NE Drift Nets will continue next year. The Fisheries' Minister is very quiet right enough. Come on George, out with it ?
  8. Scottish Rivers
    Are you free on Thursday on Thursday 17th May between 1500hrs and 2000hrs? If yes then please head along to Cambusmore to find out what the Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board & Forth Fisheries Trust have been up to. Scott Mason
  9. General Board
    Dont know if its already on here :redface::frusty::frusty: Ian Gordon 2 May at 23:28 OK, History and Maths lesson. 1880 = No Goosanders in the UK 1880 - 1954 = A few Goosanders but most shot as part of Salmon Fisheries Management 1954 - Protected when breeding but still shot by fisheries...
  10. News & Features
    As many of you who come to Ireland know, the great lakes of the west (and other Irish fisheries) are not in great heart. Most now accept that trout stocks in Mask, Carra and Corrib are at low levels, due to a variety of causes. Recently, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) have moved away from hands...
  11. General Board
    From FB.... Tomorrow (14 March), the Scottish Parliament's salmon farming inquiry focuses on environmental and wild fisheries impacts with oral witnesses from the National Trust for Scotland, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland, Lochaber District Salmon Fishery Board and Fisheries Management...
  12. Scottish Rivers
    *** BREAKING NEWS*** The 2018 pricing and policy was set this morning by Councillors. 2018 will see a brand new and exciting pricing structure on Stirling Council Fisheries for the 2018 season. There will be no visitor / resident divide. There will be only one season permit covering both the...
  13. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I was just flicking through peter o Reilly loughs of Ireland 1998 edition and reading through the west of Ireland section..which is packed with famous sea trout fisheries you never hear about any more....what is the state of these fisheries now....are any of them fishing well for sea trout and...
  14. General Board
    Massive capture of illegally caught... - Inland Fisheries Ireland | Facebook
1-14 of 14 Results