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  1. General Board
    This piece of branch appeared over the winter in my river. It is no size at all and might be 2 inches thick at its thickest point. I had a sit down by the river yesterday evening and could not believe the amount of juvenile fish life under this one small branch. A whole variety of sizes from...
  2. General Board
    Well I was. Here's a tale from the past to raise a few eyebrows. Banned for practising catch and release. What a badge to hold, perhaps unique! Perhaps illustrates where we were to where we are now. I'm not even a huge C&R advocate. I still take the odd fish for myself or for friends if...
  3. Classified Sales
    600 grains peach in colour ..... as new, no box Very good line,I just dont fish Skagit lines no more. £25 Reduced***
  4. General Board
    We all love to see footage of salmon spawning, amateur or professional. Have you ever noticed that these are usually modest sized fish, occasionally twenty plus. No doubt these are the most accessible to film in the shallow water of headwaters or feeder streams. What about bigger fish, thirty or...
  5. General Board
    What would you do if you seen someone landing a fish today.
  6. General Board
    I'm seriously considering buying a gopro for all my fishing exploits this season..... It's not something I've dabbled in but I am tempted to film a bit of where I fish and make some amateur videos......hopefully including some fish too. Can anybody reccomend or advise which to go for and also...
  7. General Board
    Thanks to Billy fish and Dr Patrick for the inspiration for a couple of them. :nod:
  8. Northern European Style Patterns
    Here are some red franci (or francesses ???) the way I like to tie them based on what has worked for me. They have actually been more of a sea trout catcher on the Scottish Dee but have also had a number of salmon. I first tied this version at a kitchen table the night before the last day of a...
  9. Northern European Style Patterns
    Think this is a Sierrakorva. Turned out a bit stumpy but I'd definitely fish it.
  10. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I found some pictures of some older flies I tied in the past - had forgotten about them. Jungle cock optional and I like to use badger ( still got my fantastic Pat Nolan badgers!!). One is bucktail tail - and the others have a smidge if supporting bucktail but then tails are marble fox guard...
  11. General Board
    Hi guys I recently just joined due to boredom mostly lol. I thought Id make a thread to hear from other members what their first realistic fishing trip will be after the lockdown has ended. Ill start by saying I am hoping to get back out on the Deveron. Albeit I wont quite know where the fish...
  12. Patterns for other species
    Hi fellow fishers and fly tyers. I do a lot of trolling on Loch Ness. I fish for Salmon and Ferox. I know not much has been tried in the way of trolling big flies for Ferox. I personally think that new tactics and a fresh approach should be deployed at any opportunity. Many Ferox i catch...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Being like most probly bored out of my small mind. What would salmon fishers say was the best conservation thing that has happened in the not to distant past. To my mind it was stopping the sale of rod caught salmon. I used to take what fish I required and return the rest. Used to get laughed at...
  14. General Board
    Well I have to say I've enjoyed thoroughly(so far any way) the thread on the biggest fish you've seen. Its certainly great escapist reading for the current situation in the world today. However I got to thinking(that was that burning smell you all got a whiff of!) as modern tackle has evolved...
  15. General Board
    More toxic pesticides to be used by salmon farmers
  16. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    The Shrimp Fly as described in Peter O'Reilly's book. However, was known as 'The Killer' back when I used to fish the Finn. I saw this fly take a lot of fish from the Finn & Reelan.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Was watching the program about Usan on B.B.C. i player about the end of there netting operation. People here and elsewhere were doing there nut about the fish they were killing. It is a pity that they did not limit themselves when it was low water. What got me thinking about them was that the...
  18. Picture Gallery
    Hope you guys don't mind, I was going through some pics of a few years ago. Last few days of the season.It was blxxdy cold and the rings were freezing in the eyes of the rod. Working my way down the pool and there was a fresh splash at the tail. It was the last casts of the session. Soon as...
  19. General Board
    Following on from the "Biggest Salmon you've Seen" thread, here's a picture of another Norwegian fish for you to guess the weight. Again, I'll let this run for a day and will reveal the weight tomorrow. Until then will look forward to seeing what people think. :)
  20. General Board
    After reading the posts the biggest fish you’ve ever seen here goes ! i was on the lower tummel and for those of you that know the beat I started in the killiechangie run . After about 5/6 casts I’m on ! Yes what a start to the day the fish stayed deep on the far bank after about 10 min I see...
1-20 of 500 Results