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  1. General Board
    I've spent quite a bit of time reading all the posts on the above and watching the daily figures etc but when I look at the graph on the worldometer site ( you can put coronavirus in the xxx any country ) I'm curious to know if anyone thinks that the uk is getting anywhere with this lockdown...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Does anyone know if the IFI have posted the 2019 fish counter figures yet? Can't seem to find them and they are normally out by now.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Modren day electrickery has much to answer for not that we'd be expected to know it. According to some top 'science' advice, we can best utilise wind and solar in order to power entire economies. It's bampots running bampottery via any scale. Some figs for instance: UK runs on about a...
  4. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Has anyone got a link to the 2018 salmon counter figures which are usually posted in March. I can't find them on the IFI website but I believe they are now available. Thanks.
  5. General Board
    Heaven knows what the figures for this year will be.
  6. General Board
    For years we have been told that the return rate for smolts/salmon has fell from 30% to 5% or approx. I for one took them at their word as the 30% figure was quoted and printed numerous times by people who should know.Although i did think the 30% figure seemed a bit on the high side i took...
  7. News & Features
    The Scottish salmon farming industry is to publish monthly farmed salmon mortality figures from today. The SSPO stated it was trying to "transparent and understanding" in this voluntary move. Farm by farm statistics will be available to view on the SSPO website from this morning. However...
  8. General Board
    As elsewhere the Salmon run on the Hampshire Avon has been very poor so far this year, compared to previous years. Hopefully it's just late. Figures from the Royalty so far are only 14 fish to June 1st. Interestingly enough though that breaks down to 12 cock fish and only 2 hens. Can't find last...
  9. General Board
    For those with lots of time on your hands the figures are in for 2017. Takes some deciphering Search | Marine Scotland Data Publications :amen:
  10. General Board
    Anyone else wonder how accurate the the Inland Fisheries Ireland or the E A figures for salmon in our rivers can be when they are based on license returns. Inland Fisheries Ireland are still counting drift net counts for claiming a 90% drop in salmon catch figures even though they banned it in...
  11. General Board
    Have noticed that no historic catch figures are now not available on Fish Pal
  12. General Board
    On several occasions in responding to threads on the subject of smolt survival I have quoted from the synoptic (i.e. study of studies) research conducted by Bley and Moring at the University of Maine in 1988, commissioned by the (then) US Fish and Wildlife Service. However, this document, which...
1-12 of 12 Results