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  1. General Board
    Just came across a Line in my line case ,pretty certain it's a gaelforce that I got from a member in a trade,it is an integrated line, behind the green head is a tan coloured 10/12 feet length before it goes orange ,running line, Would I be correct in assuming it's a gaelforce
  2. Classified Sales
    Looking for £170 free postage UK.
  3. Skagit Lines
    Can anyone tell me what line this is? it is 30 feet long, rear section is white with a blue front section about 5 to 7 feet long and on the rear loop it`s marked USPEYST10/11F/I.
  4. Classified Sales
    Three Gaelforce 9/10 heads, as new, two used for minutes, the other for maybe half and hour. I have the Gaelforce packaging. Retail at £60 each. Will post for £135 via account transfer. I lack the delicacy needed to realise the potential of these heads on the intended rod. Like the three...
  5. Picture Gallery
    If you had to buy a scandi head for a ~13’ rod (over 35 feet) for summer / smaller flies in medium sized rivers with the main focus being on delicate presentation, which would you go for? I am struggling to find one that beats my old AFS lines for balance between distance and prensentation. I...
  6. General Board
    Talking about different reactions to flys on loxies naver post got me thinking about earlier on this year I spent an evening at the loups this summer showing the water to one of my friends. The water was really too low, but had some spanking fresh grilse in the loups pool. He tried various flies...
  7. Swap Shop
    I'd like to SWAP my above line Salmologic Head (as new condition ) Density Floating Line Weight. 24gm Length 9.2 mtrs/ 30.2 feet Including Intermediate matching leader For SAME IN 28gm Victor Wallace
  8. General Board
    I took my gopro and attached it to a pole and some coaxial cable taped to my mobile so i could see i real time what was under the water .These fish were fresh out the sea and were coming very close to my feet , water depth was around 5-6 feet deep . GOPR0005 - YouTube
  9. General Board
    Realise there are a fair few posts on people's preferred configuration of polyleaders and tippets, so apologies for raising this topic again, but I am still unsure whether I should use a polyleader together with a tapered leader or should I just attach a straight piece of tippet material to the...
  10. Picture Gallery
    Guess the pool and river no 19 Guess the pool 19 Also trying to find my feet posting photos
  11. Picture Gallery
    This Otter popped up right under my feet today :D there were a pair of them, I think i caught the two of them but it may be the same one??
  12. Classified Sales
    Bruce & walker Norway Speycaster 15 feet 10-11 mark 1 in very good condition £120 delivered uk I can add pictures later
1-12 of 12 Results