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  1. Patterns for other species
    Should be good for trout feeding on fry.
  2. General Board
    Picked up the info from the other thread stating 60% loss per month. I certainly feel their is lot of truth in this. Having fished the lower Annan and Tweed couple weeks ago after bit of rain. I was expecting lots of fish to battering on threw. Not so. I would imagine this loss of up to 60%...
  3. Hunting & Shooting
    There are 2 guns available in our small DIY syndicate on the Bordley Estate which is about 8 miles from Skipton. The ground extends to just over 2500 acres and has a wide variation of woodland, moorland, rough ground. There is a fair amount of walking involved and you need to be reasonably fit...
  4. Video Gallery
    Feeding giant piranhas - YouTube
  5. General Board
    In view of the fly size issue on the Horsburough thread, thought I'd lob in a starter for 10. Few years back on t'Dee very early in the season it were reet cold and inclement as its inclined to be in the opening few weeks of the season.Any way me and my chums were all tooled up with Wet 2's and...
  6. General Board
    There seems to be some large seatrout being caught on the Dee this season and the numbers are not to bad either. Could this mean the inshore feeding is improving which could also benefit Salmon smolts as they leave the rivers and head off to distant feeding grounds ?.
  7. General Board
    A good angler is one that observes the quarry other than behind the sights of his gun. I hope this thread goes a little better than the recent long vs short shots for UK rivers thread...but I have my doubts. Gotta few minutes? Best get another cup of tea perhaps...:o Here is one point of view...
1-7 of 7 Results