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  1. Custom Builds
    Anyone fishing with the new CX or MKX Meiser Spey rod? What else is it comparable to that's sold here in the UK? As there are no agents and trying one out is not possible, I would be keen to get your feed back if you fish one of these. 1) Castability/lines 2) Finish 3) Warrenty Thanks
  2. General Board
    The thread title says it all - where do Grilse feed ? I should know this, but dont. Do they get all the way to Greenland; if not where do they head to ? If so, from the size of some of the fish pictured recently, its a long way to go to put on just 4 or 5lbs in weight, during their winter at...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Good stuff from our antipodean partners FISH DIGESTION AND HOW IT DRIVES FEEDING BEHAVIOUR - Active Angling New Zealand
  4. Sea Trout Fishing
    Had a looksie around budle bay up in north7mberland today whilst on me break at work , That area screens seatrout to me ,it reminds me of a spot in Scotland I quite fancy giving it a go on a flooding tide on a nice susmmers evening I would imagine it’s lovely ,saying that I suppose it could be...
  5. General Board
    What problems will the salmon farms experience in 2019? I thought it might be useful to note any issues relating to UK salmon farms in one place this year to provide an at-a-glance record. If you hear of something - fish escapes/disease/mortalities/pollution/workers' injuries/etc. - please list...
  6. Grayling Fishing
    I will be doing a bit of trotting for the ladies on the Dee (Wales) next week. As it’s above the Horseshoe Falls maggots aren’t allowed, but I think I might try taking some cooked long grain rice to feed sparingly and fish a couple of artificial maggots on the hook. I will also be taking...
  7. General Board
    Telegraph today Goodbye MSW salmon, too far to feed now. Ah but there's no Global Warming !! "The thickest sea ice in the Arctic has started to break up, opening waters north of Greenland that are normally frozen, experts have warned. One meteorologist described the phenomenon - recorded for...
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I don't think I'll be keeping my stockie trout for the pot no more if that's what is in the feed. Farmed Norwegian Salmon World's Most Toxic Food - YouTube
  9. General Board
    What exactly is meant by this? Is it just that on the tube fly you use no junction tube/ extension and just feed your leader through the tube and tie on the fly? What's the benefit?
  10. General Board
    Hi Guys if the admin of the above facebook group is on here may i please ask what has happened to the facebook group. Since yesterday it does not come up in my feed and if i put it into search it does not come up for me but it does come up on my wifes search. Not so sure why this is the case as...
  11. Classified Wanted
    Switch wanted - Now Sourced [Thread] Nothing longer than 11.3....around 18-22g preferably Guideline / Echo / Loop / Airflo nantec I'd love a wee B&W powerlight 7/9 or switch if truth be told but I'm not mister money bags remember, and must feed the family first ? Anything interesting you want...
  12. General Board
    There was an interesting half hour this afternoon at 3.30pm channel 4 radio, just maybe a glimmer of hope for the younger generation and ones to follow, but for me to late. Its about time somebody stood up and looked at how to feed all those mouths in an alternative way as not to kill off the...
1-12 of 12 Results