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  1. General Board
    Hi guys, Any one got any experience of floors in February? Thinking mid to late feb, not sure on upper or lower would be best? Thanks in advance
  2. River Dee
    Hi there, My other half has booked us a week in Ballater in Feb. I can bring my gear so Im after a few days on the river. Any tips for where to go n what flies etc. Ta, Matthew
  3. General Board
    Good luck to all intrepid anglers for tomorrows first day on Dee ,Tweed and all the other opening waters. Let's hope the grue dissapeares early and there's a chance of a springer. Tight lines all.
  4. General Board
    Hi, just wondered if anybody knows much about these rods, recently bought it for £100 and can't find much information about them, think they are nicknamed Brownies though, haven't had chance to use it yet as not home again till 22nd feb. thanks in advance.
  5. General Board
    Been away from the forum a while. Busy times, difficult times, with my Mum dying very suddenly and unexpectedly and my PhD thesis to finish. That's behind me and just driven up to Deeside for a few days with the rods before starting a job next week. Not seen the Dee this low in Feb for many...
  6. General Board
    Would anyone be interested in sharing a 2018 Monday rod on the Estate. 1st Feb to 31st Aug 2018. Anyone interested email me at [email protected] Regards Simon.
1-6 of 6 Results