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  1. Feather Wing Patterns
    Wasn't sure where to put this , but it is a featherwing I suppose .. As good today as it has always been!!
  2. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I first tied this a few seasons ago and had my last fish of that season on it. I can't remember if I showed it here or just on my personal Facebook page. The Green Silk is an old featherwing pattern from the North West of Northern Ireland. The old hands still talk yet of fishing the end of the...
  3. North American Fly Patterns
    Been on a featherwing kick lately: And made a featherwing for my normally hairwing Celtic Beauty: Gary
  4. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    I've tied a zillion Blue Charms as hairwings (for other people; never have hooked a fish on it myself). With the season over, I'm spending more time at the vise, and decided to start fooling with featherwing flies other than the Cutty Sark and a couple other tented featherwing flies. My first...
1-4 of 4 Results