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  1. General Board
    Anyone catch this? BBC Radio 4 - The Food Programme, A Tale of Two Fish: Salmon, the wild and farmed We got a decent airing but I still think they biased too much in favour of an argument FOR the salmon farming
  2. General Board
    I really think you need to read this article, printed on the 26 Dec. I will not spoil it for you, but if you get past the first two paragraphs with out spitting your dummy out, you did better than me. Clearly paid for by the salmon farming industry. It asks you for your comments. Please do not...
  3. General Board
    Trudeau issues mandate to close BC netpen salmon farms by 2025 | Intrafish
  4. General Board
    Anyone else hear this piece a couple of days ago? I thought it was quite encouraging, with the man from Mowi not given as easy a ride as usual, and the focus much more directed at both environmental damage and unacceptable mortality levels. Starts about 7.05 minutes in: BBC Radio 4 - Farming...
  5. Conservation Issues
    Hi here are some pictures from a sorry state Of a salmon which came from the tullochobegly river. I'll try and get more pics up but I'd also like to hear your views on whether you think the salmon Is wild or from fish farming origin. Any views comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for...
  6. General Board
    Demand for farmed salmon is 'causing an ecological disaster' | HeraldScotland
  7. General Board
    Fish farming are the cracks starting to appear A little bit of good news maybe ? Salmon farms in UK 'at serious risk' after closures due to environmental damage | The Independent
  8. General Board
    Compare and contrast these two articles. The first is the 6 June edition of the Waitrose Weekend magazine. A glowing puff for the products and contribution to the economy of the Scottish Salmon Company and which supplies them. The second is the latest edition of Private Eye, also about the SSC...
  9. General Board
    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere - Is there a problem with salmon farming? A much less favourable review of the industry.
  10. General Board
    Tonight, BBC1, 8.30. Looking forward with interest to this.
  11. General Board
    Salmon Farming Exposed; BBC Panorama.... - Corin Smith - Inside Scottish Salmon Feedlots | Facebook Salmon Farming Exposed; BBC Panorama. BBC One, Mon 20th May 2019, 8:30pm.
  12. General Board
    Atlantic Sapphire drops expansion bombshell for salmon farmers gathered in Brussels | Undercurrent News
  13. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Interesting study, studies have proved Fish do get stressed, and now Farmed Salmon are suffering from a form of depression, which is no surprise really. Best, Ian
  14. General Board
    If they can do it in a desert why can't we go to on shore? Desert salmon farming becomes reality for Dubai-based company - The National
  15. General Board
    Got one of these today and I've left the EA in no doubt what my views are on them and their disgraceful actions or not regarding Salmon farming, incoming regulations, river mismanagement etc. Fill your boots chaps. National Angling Survey
  16. General Board
    Near Fish Farms, Lobster Catches Plummet | Hakai Magazine "Some of the environmental damage was irreparable": Marine Harvest charged over salmon escape
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Salmon farming aside please. Seriously, What has Wee Nicola done for Scotland in her tenure so far.? Can she be relied upon to do anything for the betterment of Scotland ?
  18. General Board
    I've just read the thread "First to Go" about Salmon farming and the closure of a Salmon processing plant. As far as I'm concerned Salmon Farming should be the very very least of our worries right now especially after watching Drowning In Plastic on the BBC last night. I'm presuming that 99.99%...
1-20 of 44 Results