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  1. Rookies Corner
    Hey guys , my experience with salmon fishing is very limited only doing the run in the fall in upstate NY. Are there fishing opportunities in the spring for salmon in rivers and streams or is it just limited to the fall run? Thanks so much David
  2. General Board
    I recently posted a new blog entry that recaps the fall fishing season on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers in New Brunswick, Canada. Here is the link. Frankly it was a long way from a great season for us. We are still suffering from an oversized population of striped bass that are eating a lot...
  3. General Board
    Finally after 15 years I have landed my first Salmon on the fly. Caught on Sat 12 October (My Birthday) from the South Tyne at Lambley. The fish measured 88cm and guestimated around 14lb, taken on a Black Francis from the Madam's Pool. I managed to fall over, fall in, my knee's & ankle's are...
  4. General Board
    I am left-handed and wind my fly reels with my right. I notice however that many (the majority it seems) right handed members of my local club wind with their right hand. Is this just local to my area? I would imagine that for most the greatest effort in playing a fish would fall to your rod...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Two weeks time : air temp drop from 15 to 1 C water temp drop from 13 to 1 C Pretty amazing!
  6. General Board
    With the heat wave and low water we are experiencing this year it does not make for good conditions for fishing or for the salmon, So it might be an idea for any association club or individual to think about or help out planting trees . Trees planted along the banks of rivers and burns provide...
  7. General Board
    Should give us all something to watch, laugh at, slag off and fall out over :D From Wednesday June 20th BBC2 DCH
  8. General Board
    So far this season I’ve had 11 “takes” while fly fishing for salmon with fly. Of these 11, I’ve landed 4 fish, lost another 3 while playing them and had 4 fish take, shake their heads and fall off - any ideas how I can increase my success rate keeping them on the line? With the three I lost...
  9. General Board
    Looking for a recommendation on good thermal socks that actually keep your feet warm heading too the dee next week but wanting my toes too fall off
  10. Fishing Clothing
    Hi Forum members. Any suggestions for a calf or knee length sock to be worn under waders, that don’t fall down the minute you start walking. Esk1.
  11. Video Gallery
    Feeding giant piranhas - YouTube
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    When I click on the members tab it says page not found. Come on admin, this place is starting to fall apart at the seams.
1-12 of 12 Results