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  1. Reels
    Anybody got any thoughts on these reels? Need one for an 8# rod and wondered what they were like. Thanks. Fairhope
  2. General Board
    Excuse my laziness ladies and gents but I wondered if anybody had any info on said river Oykel? Impossible to get on? Thanks in advance Fairhope
  3. General Board
    Morning all Age old question I'm sure but I've inherited above reel and I need to change it to left hand wind. Easily achievable for an idiot like myself? Also, drag system seems irrelevant - is this the norm or do bits need changing etc? I have absolutely no idea how old this reel is. It...
  4. General Board
    Anybody got any experience of it? How, when, what? Thanks Fairhope
  5. General Board
    Same old same old lads, and lasses. I apologise to ask a question that's been covered many - hundreds - of times before. Off to the highlands in a few weeks time and want to know what the best midge repellent is. This forum is by far the best place to get advice on this. Sorry again to be too...
  6. General Board
    Another question lads/lasses. Anybody got any info on what the Naver might be like end of July? Sure it depends on water but I wondered what it is usually like. How are the midges?! Thanks in advance for any help/info Fairhope
1-6 of 6 Results