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  1. Other Tackle
    Looking for an.. Lts odin fly reel to go with my 7/8/9 anything to 11 line weight gives room for plenty backing so if anybody got an ODIN reel at a fair price let me know thanks again
  2. General Board
    Don't think it's fair to stop anybody buying a rod on the classified page because youv only 20 odd posts it's me that would be sending the money to the person not the other way round so I loss a rod I have been looking for for over 2 years. This is definitely not a fair system youv got...
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Max sent me this photo of a 32lb fish caught by Ian Mitchell on Saturday. Fair sized old boy eh???
  4. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of hours in between jobs today. A had a fair old scrap of this wee in.
  5. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Let my 6 year old loose at my vice and fly tying materials earlier, instead of his own starter kit! With s bit of guidance he managed this...... A bit of a mix and match of colours, but apart from a bit of tidying up at the head and snipping things tight with my sharpest scissors he tied this...
  6. Picture Gallery
    Just when I thought all hope was lost. First this year, only been out twice to be fair but very welcome in challenging conditions.
  7. Rookies Corner
    Just in the Market for some new wading boots, am I right in thinking I need to order a size up? My Vision Makos have done a fair innings, I am a UK11 so do I need to order a UK12? Any help or advise appreciated, cheers!
  8. General Board
    If anyone is coming along to the Scottish game fair this weekend please pop along to the Perth and District Anglers tent facing the casting platforms and the river. See what we have the visiting angler to have a go at and our very keenly priced season tickets. For visitors to the the Fair and...
  9. Classified Sales
    If anyone is taking the opportunity to visit the Game Fair over the weekend then please pop along to the Perth and District Anglers Tent. Just around the corner from fishermans Row and facing out onto the island. There will be a free competition for anyone visiting and also I believe a couple...
  10. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A few Easky Gold Shrimps tied for the North West Angling Fair
  11. General Board
    Hi guys, anybody any idea what a fair price is for second hand unused cascapedia mk3 10/11? cheers
  12. General Board
    Violations prompt Washington state to cancel Atlantic salmon farm lease at Port Angeles | The Seattle Times
  13. General Board
    Nice well tied shrimp pattern in various colours on single hooks for salmon from a skillful and extremely friendly seller (tried and tested) SALMON-SIZE-2/182872488913?hash=item2a940cbbd1:g:ZzwAAOSw-itXq2Lj btw...
  14. Classified Sales
    If your thread happens to disappear its probably because you have "bumped" it. When you place your sales you take your chances on it selling,bumping it or getting into discussions on how fantastic it is will turn it into a topic of tackle talk. Reduced prices are fair enough but if people are...
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    On Saturday of last week I went to the Glasgow angling centre for my usual bits n bobs but I needed a black pheasant skin anyway I went thru the shelves got what I need and head home ,Sunday usual day of tying opened up the packet the skin went into a thousand pieces ,so me being me I emailed...
  16. General Board
    Were any of you guys at the game fair? I was there with Salmologic and bumped into Lamson V10, good to meet him, thought the show was pretty good, almost bought the new Bentley 4x4, but they didn't have it in my colour. Anyway thought it was a good event not as much fishing stuff as past years...
  17. General Board
    Scottish Game Fair this w/e. What's it like? Are you going? Weather looks pants for Friday, but Sat and Sun look better. Any recommendations or places to pick up a real bargain.
  18. Classified Wanted
    Looking for one of the above in VGC at a fair price. If you have one that could be for sale please drop me a PM. Thanks PS: Would also be interested in a Zenith at 14ft 6" too.
1-18 of 19 Results