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  1. Ebay Bargains
  2. Picture Gallery
    Out on the cliffs this evening.
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Something a bit more traditional this evening.
  4. General Board
    Just enjoying my first evening at home after nights and rummaging You Tube for a few sounds and came across this outrageous mob. So any one who likes a sophisticated range of pleasing sounds to enhance their evening's quaffing of a few mood enhancers could do much worse then wrapping their lug...
  5. Picture Gallery
    ....After the storm a Quiet evening over the Moy .
  6. Scottish Rivers
    Sundown on the Deveron - 14th Sep 2019, Banff Springs Hotel To commemorate the International Year of the Salmon, the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust are holding a dinner auction to celebrate the iconic Atlantic Salmon and raise funds for local conservation initiatives. Come and...
  7. Trout Fishing
    Don't get out on the river so much these days but was out on a few evenings last week. The water was fairly low but in previous years that has not really mattered too much for the evening rise. In fact, some of the best evening rises I have encountered have been in low water. Last week, the...
  8. Trout Fishing
    Some good trout about this evening. Upstream am dry fly. Colin.
  9. Picture Gallery
    Kind of related to salmon fishing. Some photos of the Flying Scotsman travelling over the Findhorn viaduct on its way to Inverness this evening....
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    House all to myself last evening(well me n the Kray Twins!) so I decided a little me time was in order revolving round Beer,Curry and trashy telly. Popped out to Morribob's for one of their nice Hot Tikka Masala curries, a tri coloured rice, peshwari naan bread and two healthy lamb samosa's(all...
  11. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Up and at it this evening for a quick tie
  12. Salt Water Fishing
    Went for a troll along the East Devon coast this evening . All went back. Roll on October. Colin.
  13. Northern European Style Patterns
    Haven't tied up many salmon flies this year but was running low on some long wing flies. So knocked up these the other evening
  14. General Board
    Evening Gentlemen and ladies. I know there is one or two who love the forum so much that you like having more than 1 account, some have 2, some have more. This is against the forum rules and there is really no reason for more than 1 account. Our system over the past few days have picked up a...
  15. Picture Gallery
    They were a tad fierce this evening!
  16. General Board
    Had a 'run in' with a bunch of Kayakers this evening. Had no longer started fishing a pool low down on the River Don this evening when round the corner about 300 yds downstream 3 kayakers appeared. The paddled slowly up towards me. At this time I thought that there wouldn't be any problem as...
  17. General Board
    One of the greatest ambassadors that Atlantic salmon have ever had has passed away. The man who just wished abundance for all and had the ear of most governments. Yet I look this evening at the tally of responses to the announcement of his death, it is outdone by replies about loops in a John...
  18. Scottish Rivers
    well thats the first this year 14 lb bar o silver. :cool:plenty fish seen on fri gone by sat evening
1-19 of 19 Results