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  1. General Board
    As suggested, I'd like to draw all the 'General Board' readers' attention to the 'Tie of the Month' board. There are 2 threads to watch this month. Firstly; there is still time to vote on the entries for the July Tie of the Month competiion - which was all about flies with Golden Pheasant...
  2. Fly Swaps
    FGetting near the end of the fishing season for some, and already over for others, so must be time to get tying for next year! Given the resurgence in GK's TOTM would hope to get the full quota of 10 entries in short order and as usual its first come first served. Usual format, but for anyone...
  3. General Board
    Dear Members The July Tie of the Month is open for voting, the challenge was to tie a fly with 4 materials, a rib and a thread. Some great patterns were submitted and I'd appreciate it if you could take some time to look at the entries and cast a vote for your favourite fly. Click on the link...
  4. General Board
    The season is off to an okay start on the Miramichi. For a full report check out my blog entries for June at Here are a couple of pics you may enjoy.
1-4 of 4 Results