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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Time on my hands The Usual Copper Tom Grant's Orange -but loaded with purple for back end fish Stokoe's Red Shrimp esc.
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Sometimes, especially these 'sometimes", it's nice to have lovely things to look at, and think about friends. To that end, my latest blog post: The River's Course: Friendship Flies Gary
  3. General Board
    Can anyone share the name of the red fly with yellow eyes that they show toward the end of this piece? FLY TV - Small River Salmon in Denmark (double handed fly fishing) - YouTube
  4. Rods
    After all the help I've received over the years from this forum, I thought I'd offer up something dad and I had success with today. On an old Hardy Gem which we love to use, the male end spigot had worn down to the point the sections no longer stayed connected when cast, with the blanks...
  5. General Board
    Well folks, today would've been the day the bus was filled with fishing gear, flee's had been tied, gear had been prepped, bags packed and hair combed for the annual Tweedy jaunt. Sadly its not to be, the 3hr drive North was allways an integral part of the week, once off the A1 the A68 was a...
  6. Lines
    I have a rage compact head kit 580 grain. A few questions - 1. The running line has one large black loop - I assume this attaches to the shooting head? Would the other end have had a loop when new for connecting to backing? Mine has a braided loop which possibly could have been put on by...
  7. Rookies Corner
    So, I am getting a Barrio ISS line that does not come with a welded loop on the end although I can request one but I read they are very unreliable. I have also been told that braided loops aren’t ideal either because they can hinge and not transfer the kinetic energy of the cast. Would it be a...
  8. Classified Sales
    Have the following shooting heads up for sale. Too heavy for my set up, so they need a new home. Only tried out a couple of times, condition is as new. These are the heads with factory loops at each end and id markings. Looking for £90 the pair plus postage £5 U.K. Please pm any interest. Thanks...
  9. General Board
    I was hoping someone would give me advise on using tapered leaders. I currently use 15lb straight through and thought it may improve my presentation. Never used one before and not sure how to get the best out of them. sort of things i'm not sure about. Which make would you recommend Do I add a...
  10. General Board
    I had the misfortune to break the top piece of my Greys salmon rod on Tuesday night. I phoned them yesterday morning and spoke to Stephen about a replacement under the life time warranty. I was charged £30 for this service which at the end of the day didn't bust the bank and was told it would...
  11. Classified Sales
    Carron Jetstream 8/9 55ft Spey Line (Minus a couple of feet off cut back at the front end to aid leader turnover) Looped on front end Still in tin.. don't think I've ever fished with this line.SOLD pending payment
  12. Classified Sales
    Carron Jetstream 9/10 65ft Spey Line (Minus a couple of feet off cut back at the front end to aid leader turnover) Looped on front end SOLD
  13. General Board
    Just came across this, don't often hear of farmed fish getting caught on the east coast, its sure came a long way to end up there. Malcom Fleming is having a great start... - Pitlochry Boating Station | Facebook
  14. General Board
    Just heard that Scottish government regulations require all fishing effort and catch returns be submitted at the end of 2019 season. failure to do so is an offence. Is this true?
  15. General Board
    The button just returns a no new posts response which bring slow on the uptake means it’s taken 3 days for me to realise! Is it just something my end or a system fault?
  16. Northern European Style Patterns
    I didn't get any really good photos of the finished fly because I did a step by step for the American Forum. I did get this one which will give you an idea of how large I make the Dee Monkey and all similar patterns. The tube (Pro Sportfisher Micro) is quite short but I use 1 1/2" of clear...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Watch: Dolphin chases down its meal - Story | WOFL My thoughts about this are as follows..Is this Dolphin doing this for fun or for nutritional value. If it is for nutritional value then surely the energy it used in burnt calories to catch this fish wasn't worth the end result... Why does a...
  18. Shooting Heads
    Just invested in a Gaelforce EMT 9/10 Multi-Tip for my 14ft'er Can't find any advice if you need or recommend to use a Polyleader (or Versi leader etc ) on the end of the 15ft kit tip before your mono is looped on?
1-20 of 61 Results