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  1. General Board
    Can anyone tell me how to tell if an enigma emg 3 10' 8# is a mark1 or a mark111 Thanks
  2. Classified Wanted
    Just putting the the feelers out but does anyone have an 11ft 8wt Enigma EMG Mk111 that they maybe getting rid of at all after the season. Must be good condition and with tube. They were sold by Airflo at the time, in a copper sort of colour. Why stop making a good rod ? Cheers Sewinfly...
  3. Classified Sales
    The original and best Enigma EMG. 10ft for a number 7 line. Lovely through action, and in fantastic condition. 2 piece with a bag and tube. Quite rare these days. £120
1-3 of 3 Results