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  1. Fishing Clothing
    Hi folks, Just wondering what are the typical differences in vision boots, adjusting for a neopreme sock? E.g I'm size 12 so do I buy a 12? 13? 14? Thanks S
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    So I’m now hooked up in trying on tubes , looking on some advice on what kits are best to tie on e.g tubes,liners and cones , any help appreciated thx
  3. General Board
    Just thumbed through the free T&S Guide to TOP GAME FISHERIES in the UK & IRELAND. Talk about a shot in their own foot on nearly every page..... It is just plain very outdated rubbish. e.g. Lough Currane....have they been asleep for the past few years?
1-3 of 3 Results