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  1. General Board
    We're half way through the month but have just 27 votes! That might be because it's hard to choose amongst a brilliantly tied selection of Irish Shrimps but please make the effort. You might even find something to copy and let's face it, right now it's beats cutting the grass yet again...
  2. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Another effort on needle tube ??
  3. General Board
    Well sat here at home on the PC, checking out the condition of a washed out Ribble once more.Just had the Kray Twins out for a muddy splash about the fields and it's a cracking morning and looking like a cracking day. It's a month since I've fished now, the rain has spoilt my plans every one of...
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    On the back of some kind comments I thought I’d post tonight’s effort.
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I'm not sure if this the right place to make this post but since my last post on salmon smolt programmes resided here I thought I would post it here. Following up on my post earlier this year on smolt programmes I would like to find out what the general angling public across the country think...
  6. General Board
    Anybody else just received a response to their objections to the proposed restrictions to salmon fisheries? The counter arguments they have sent out just don't hold water! Upon what data can they claim that restricting angling methods will improve catch and release survival rates by 10%? They...
  7. General Board
    There's obviously been a lot of talk over the last few years, which have seen a general decline in salmon catches (which may or may not reflect any change in salmon stocks, a totally different thing.) So perhaps now is a good time to have another look at what the reported catches actually show...
  8. General Board
    Declining Salmon Catches, Stable CPUE and Run Timing Changes There has been a lot of concern expressed recently about a serious decline in salmon rod catches, especially at the back end, in recent years. As ever, with all things salmon, there appear to be a number of complex variables in play...
  9. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The maps below update similar ones previously posted on SFF. All the data is from officially reported salmon rod catch and rod effort data provided by the Environment Agency (EA) and Marine Science Scotland (MSS). The presentation of data is now improved by the data having been georeferenced...
  10. Picture Gallery
    Got this and lost one ;););) i hooked it and my helper landed it .
1-10 of 10 Results