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  1. General Board
    I wonder when this epidemic is all over how many small tackle shops will have survived the lockdown ? its hard enough for them to make a living competing with the likes of Ebay never mind this
  2. Guideline
    On Ebay in the States. Guideline LPXe 14' 9/10 Weight 3 piece Spey Rod, Good Shape! | eBay now if I could only find a 12'6" :lol::lol:
  3. Ebay Bargains
  4. Reels
    Finishing tomorrow on ebay! Hardy Marquis #10 reel ,spare spool, reel case, original box and instructions. | eBay
  5. Spinning
    Just received 11ft 6" rod from ebay , this is a 5 piece rod, states 4 piece on ebay ? maybe the shorter models 8/9ft are 4piece ? so the Cordura tubes fit all models ? These rods are up to £30 cheaper that big outlets, outlets charge for postage too, Great looking rod, bargain , now at £36-44p...
  6. General Board
    Hi guys, Am I OK to put a post up advertising items on ebay on behalf of the Prince's Trust ? Thanks Matt
  7. Classified Sales
    Very good head only , I strengthened the loop up myself a while back, line is in very good condition, never use it so I'll post here before it goes on eBay. £24....SOLD
  8. Fly Rods
    Burkheimer | eBay
  9. Fly Rods
    I have reduced the price asked for this rod to £225, its on ebay just now ending later today. Loop Opti Power Spey 10150 Salmon Rod 5 piece carbon travel line 10/11, VG cond | eBay thanks for any interest. Chris
  10. Fly Rods
    Have recently relisted this rod on ebay and reduced the price to £225. Loop Opti Power Spey 10150 Salmon Rod 5 piece carbon travel line 10/1, VG cond | eBay Chris 07850 808866
  11. Fly Tying Topics
    I’ve just started tying my own flies and love it! I’d like to buy some jungle cock, is eBay a good place or can somebody recommend anywhere? Thanks.
  12. General Board
    I need a few gold head nymphs and hares ears for next week. My nephew has misplaced some of my fishing gear Before I hit ebay I thought it would be best to ask as I have been caught out in the past. thanks guys
  13. General Board
    Flextec 13 foot Hi. Just throwing a shout out for the guy who wanted a Flextec 13 footer. He was on the Eden river reports. I think he was called Dave Carne not sure. Anyway there is one for sale on EBay at the moment. 3 hours left from now.
  14. General Board
    My recent post seems not to have downloaded properly . Here is the gist anyway . Stroft ABR was for sale at £6 odd for 100 metres . Now on Ebay you can buy it for about the same price but for 25 metres ! Game anglers are wealthy and can afford the increase I assume .
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    Went onto ebay an ordered a gordon griffiths thread,tinsel,wire pack last week.Hasnt arrived...Also bought a similar pack from a different ebayer and it hasnt arrived either.I paid £20 each.Both ebayer accounts are in newcastle upon tyne funnily. Awiating ebay to sort it atm.... Anyways where...
  16. General Board
    There are two second hand Mackenzie FX1 rods on ebay .New price £998 , on ebay one is £800 and one £850 buy it now price . or best offer. I recon I would insult them with my offer for a rod with no warranty. How much would you offer?
  17. General Board
    I sold an item on ebay by auction. The sales info clearly stated that payment was to be made within 72 hours. The sale was effected at 11.00 pm on the 9th. Payment had not been received by 2.30 pm today, the 13th, some 14.5 hours later so I sold the item to the underbidder who accepted and...
  18. Ebay Bargains
    Map of tyne beats, pools etc. By Ginty Bewick just listed on ebay. Ideal for tyne enthusiasts
  19. Classified Wanted
    Anyone havev a 9ft 4-5wt? Might consider a 11ft 2-3wt I recently missed out on both of these rods on ebay at 120 and £110 respectively.
1-19 of 32 Results