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  1. English Rivers
    Its never easy, but its always entertaining.
  2. General Board
    What do you guys use for small tube trebles...about sizes 10-14.... I tried a few types this season and most were too easy to open up to be honest. I'd hate to lose a fish due to hook failure....
  3. General Board
    Anyone else hear this piece a couple of days ago? I thought it was quite encouraging, with the man from Mowi not given as easy a ride as usual, and the focus much more directed at both environmental damage and unacceptable mortality levels. Starts about 7.05 minutes in: BBC Radio 4 - Farming...
  4. General Board
    Much has been said about the decline of the runs of Salmon on most rivers so therefor the catches are also very much down on historical catches. But IMO it was never easy to catch a Salmon,it is about 45 years since i caught my first Salmon and i can still remember the buzz and adrenaline rush...
  5. Classified Sales
    Line is in excellent condition. Only selling to get the next line weight up. Great fishing line and easy to cast. £35 including postage. SOLD
  6. Classified Sales
    Line is in excellent condition.....lightly used. Great fishing line and easy to cast. £35 including postage. SOLD
  7. Classified Sales
    Line has been lightly used and is in excellent condition.....only selling as going to be using a different weight rod going forward. Easy casting and a great fishing line. £35 including postage. SOLD
  8. Gillie's Tales
    A Delphi guest told me he once lost his smart phone on the banks of the River Finn in Donegal. Eventually it was in the hands of the management who rang the number under "wife." When she answered they explained that they thought they had her husband's phone, it had been found along the...
  9. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Owenea shrimp with a bit of bling. The first fly I've posted on this forum so go easy.
  10. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Next one in the series... The Claret Jay at size 1 (the version with the toucan in the underwing). Black Jay next - the easy one! Dx
  11. English Rivers
    Best of luck to anglers fishing the Avon this season.....hopefully we will have a better season than last year! If not, it could be hard work (not that it's ever easy)! Hope to be out on 1 February at Somerley (work permitting), so may see some of you on the bank. Tightlines all. Sean
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    Yet again, flicked onto the forum only to be faced, yet again, with the Quantcast page asking my preferences re cookies, advertising et al. Here's a wee Xmas pressie for you Fish and Fly, to make things easy. My data, is my data and I'll never allow you to share it with anyone. Simples...
  13. General Board
    Well,I'd say most of us have had a stinker of a year and just guessing that the previous 2 seasons were a great lead up towards things getting worse on the Salmon front. Now,I've been taking stock and doing my sums, looking at my fishing when,where etc, but more importantly how I'll be fishing...
  14. Rods
    So gonna get one with the black friday sales. What would you suggest, 4 or 6 piece? I worry that a 6 piece increases your chances of a break if a blank slips but also like the idea of packing it away easy. I don't intend to fly with it though. Is that any difference in the feel or casting of a 4...
  15. General Board
    Winter is comming slowly in, so i thoght to share with you my salmon trip this year on Byske in Sweden. It was a lot of frustration, very low water, but in the end a revelating experience. I have tried to write a report as good as possible, with links regarding licenses, guiding, statistics and...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    There was a survey on TV last week , "Which country in the World hates the English most ?" No prizes for the correct answer ,as its so easy
  17. Classified Sales
    OPST Commando Skagit line for Spey rods aftm 8 or Switch 8/9 - casts T11 and T10ft 14 Mow tips - Comes with original box see website Products Bought 23rd August 2018 - too light for my rod - running line end marked with indelible marker by me for easy recognition - brilliant lines very easy to...
  18. Vintage Fishing Tackle Classifieds
    I have the above for sale. (J W Youngs reel) Works as it should and well looked after. Very little wear and pawl springs are good. Describe as A- condition. Tiny paint rub/scuff on Base of reel approx 1" x 1/16". Tiny chip on edge of spool. Set for R/H wind at the moment but easy to reverse...
  19. Classified Sales
    Nice and easy paint you own 2.5 or 3 inch come with wings and eyes all moulded and weighted. Floaters are 3 " colours black pink and black white Also pink white. Easy pricing £1 each postage at cost. Bulk order 20 or more free postage.
1-19 of 32 Results