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  1. General Board
    From Angling Trust: "Only 4 days left to submit a response to the Environment Agency's consultation to seek views on the potential to extend the beach netting season for sea trout in Yorkshire and the North East. The closing date for this consultation is 21 February 2020. We feel that it is...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I know, this is a salmon fishing forum but I have very little confidence that I will endure yet another harsh year of salmon fishing. I love river fishing but I cant see the hobby lasting with the constant blank days. I had 1 mad hour on the Blackwater with 4 fish, 99 hours with nothing. Im...
  3. Hunting & Shooting
    6 weeks average rainfall expected in the next 3 days in the South East and Midlands. Floods and Massive Disruption expected.. To all Grouse Keepers and Grouse Moor owners in the South East and Midlands. Its you're fault!!!:thumb::thumb:
  4. General Board
    Just came across this, don't often hear of farmed fish getting caught on the east coast, its sure came a long way to end up there. Malcom Fleming is having a great start... - Pitlochry Boating Station | Facebook
  5. Food & Lodging Travel Tips
    Would it be appropriate to suggest a section on this forum where members could recommend accommodation? Fishing the Dee near Drumoak last week, I stayed in a very comfortable, roomy, dog-friendly B & B last week called "Belskavie Croft" just about a mile east of Drum Castle, on the north side of...
  6. General Board
    Found this interesting article with detail about river name origins in the north east of England. It also explains why I'm surrounded by both becks and burns and why we have a Bedburn Beck. Rivers, becks, burns and linns : What's in a (North East) Place-Name? - England's North East
  7. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Further to my post yesterday re the possibility of D-nets remaining next year, I have a formal reply from the EA Salmon Programme Team, the bones of which are:- 1. There is no provision in the new National Salmon Byelaws (NSB's ) due from 1.1.19 to allow Drift-Netting on the North East Coast...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    The Eric Morecambe classic has finally come true - albeit after penalties: East Fife Four - Forfar Five
  9. General Board
    We seem to be set in a very unusual weather pattern. Can anyone recall a period of sustained east winds like we’ve experienced recently at this time of year?
  10. General Board
    The above meet is open to non-Angling Trust members according to their website.- 18:30 to 21:30 An FOC ticket is obtainable from the AT website via their North East Region menu. As the scene on NLO matters has gone quiet then an update should be available but don't quote me please. I...
  11. General Board
    Time for a new thread: I would be very interested in hearing from an expert in meteorology who fishes for salmon/ sea-trout and can direct me to any authoritative work on this subject and its effect on salmonides. I see there's a " Netweather forum site " but reluctant to join any further...
  12. General Board
    Not sure if posted before, apologies if i missed it, but an educational video from the North East of Scotland. I am sure many will recognise the rivers, locations and one or two faces DCH
  13. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    Hello Anglers We have few rods/days available at East Ranga river in Iceland, second part of June. Great chance to catch big Atlantic Salmon. See more information on our website,, here. Tight lines, Kristinn Ingolfsson Owner and guide at Fishing trips to Iceland. Fishing trips...
  14. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Salmon netsmen on the English north east coast have received a covering letter with their licence applications renewal forms for 2018. The letter states the netsmen are invited to apply for a licence but it may not be issued. This covers the Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire coast. In 2015 a...
  15. General Board
    Salmon found in Lumley Park Burn near Chester-le-Street for first time in living memory | The Northern Echo Again in the north east of England a salmon haven !
  16. Salt Water Fishing
    Prime time for a bass. Colin.
  17. General Board
    A pink salmon was caught on the Leven at Kinlochleven last night. I know that there have been a few recently from east coast rivers, but I think this is the first from the west. Where are these Pacific salmon coming from?
  18. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    Hi all, It's my 50th coming up on the 2nd of July, Mrs Hoolet has offered to book me a day somewhere, Problem is I can't think for the life of me where to book. I'm in East Lothian, Does anyone have any recommendations for a day Rod within travelling distance? Thanks, Hoolet
1-18 of 18 Results