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  1. Step by Step
    I had a request for a SBS for this style of pattern. Thankfully they are easy to tie and as its my first SBS ...go easy :lol: 1. Required: * Hook of your choice * Rabbit/Zonker strips (3mm or 4mm thickness max) * Dubbing of choice - i like the Hareline dubbing as it brushes out well * 3D...
  2. North American Fly Patterns
    Enjoying tying these Intruder style creations but they do take a lot of time so here’s some mini ones, with just a single station at front. Underwing is arctic fox spun in a dubbing loop, which makes a great supporting hackle for the marabou hackle and ostrich feelers.
  3. Patterns for other species
    Some "Scruffy's" for the ladies #14 & #18 partridge wide gape jigs Scruffiness comes from dubbing some fox squirrel pelt hair. Cheers Cb
  4. Classified Wanted
    I have tried to purchase some of this dubbing from Andrew himself but he is now involved in a new B & B venture and is not answering my e-mails. Does anyone have any spare packets of his dubbing, please? I am especially interested in his Highland Peat and Bibio Red concoctions but would buy...
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Need some advice, I like wrapping 1/2" copper tubes in dubbing and wrapping them in wire. The thing is the dubbing always seems to give way after a few hours swimming my runs. May be i should move to flat braid but the dubbing looks good and works ! Where am I going wrong ? Thanks SH
  6. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Still on the wee stuff and thought I'd try a wee park shrimp, room for improvement me think's :nod: Micro gold oval tag Orange arctic runner Yellow arctic runner Orange arctic runner Fine Gold holographic dubbing Black Hends hare plus dubbing Opal mirage rib Black arctic runner wing...
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I recently dyed some materials in fluorescent pink. Tail hackle is white guinea , head hackle is guinea and the dubbing is mohair. First one one of the year. Colin.
  8. Patterns for other species
    Been sitting at the vice this afternoon rattling up some grayling nymphs here's a wee olive jig pattern that I've had a few :rolleyes: grayling on Patriot wide gape jig #18 2.8 Tungsten bead Partridge fibers Olive dubbing Fine opal mirage Fine silver wire rib Black dubbing Arnold
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Pike predator saltawater Trout and Grayling fly tiers have been using various loop techniques which if you start looking about will show tons of ideas, making bodies and hackles like long chenneilles for your salmon flies, using hairs fur feather synthetic, You can even dub deer hair, wee trick...
  10. Northern European Style Patterns
    ...for the new season. Fox hackles tied in dubbing loops with schlappen feather over.
  11. Classified Sales
    Hi Guys clearing out some fly tying stuff, couple of capes, some dubbing, feathers etc as per the photos below plus an old Veniards fly tying vice. Looking for £35 plus P&P £6.00 SOLD Send a pm if interested Thanks Howie
  12. Tie of the month
    Welcome to the October 2018 Tie Of The Month Competition - Dubbing Loops Please see the entries below, please take some time to have a look and vote for your favourite. GaryD DrPatrickT nwsalar SnapT14 Andrzej Grassy_Knollington _________________________ Original post only...
  13. Classified Sales
    Continuing to try to reduce my excessive fly tying kit 1. 6 bobbin holders, 2 hackle pliers, 1 whip finish tool, 1 dubbing needle and a pair of Dr Slick scissors. £sold posted 2. Packets of golden pheasant crest, amherst pheasant and jay feathers. A variety of different coloured arctic fox...
  14. Northern European Style Patterns
    Playing about with some Hareline Zonker, looks great in the water. 3/4" Aluminium Tube., opal itv over white floss, copper dubbing #4 glo brite and a soft grizzle hackle.
  15. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    10mm plastic tube White thread Yellow / Orange / black boar bristles Alta gold dubbing in a dubbing loop Yellow / Orange hackles tyed in together Black hackle Junglecock Orange SS cone
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Does anyone know where a person can buy single packs (I am looking for the Fiery Blood Red color) of this dubbing? Lots of places (google searched) sell the "selections" of 12 colors, put I can only find one place in Germany (I'm in Vermont, U.S.) that sells single packs...and they want so much...
1-16 of 16 Results