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  1. Rods
    After all the help I've received over the years from this forum, I thought I'd offer up something dad and I had success with today. On an old Hardy Gem which we love to use, the male end spigot had worn down to the point the sections no longer stayed connected when cast, with the blanks...
  2. General Board
    Hi what wading jackets do you like the most a dry all day jacket I have about 8 musto fxp a like and a snowbie prestege a couple guideline jacket reason am asking is a bought a cheap jacket called a froggs tec toad it is made from a polypropylene material AVE not had a chance to use of yet...
  3. Video Gallery
    Another diversion ..... Atlantic Salmon Dry Fly Fantasy | Arluk Outfitters Newfoundland - YouTube
  4. General Board
    Needing to replace my 10 year old G3’s . Looking for help deciding, I know cost is important but if they keep me dry and last I think this is more important. Any feed back welcome positive or negative Regards Old kipper
  5. Classified Sales
    LOOP TPU DRY BACKPACK 23 Heavy-duty 23L roll-top campanion backpack only used twice since new, in excellent condition.. SOLD
  6. Feather Wing Patterns
    As requested I have added a category to our fly tying topics specific to the feather wing patterns. Photo Bucket continues to experience problems so I plucked this fly from my desktop images so I could post a feather wing :) These were made to imitate small brown trout where I lived in the...
  7. Video Gallery
    Dry fly for Atlantics in Canada. Not watched it all yet but looks good. Incredible Topwater Atlantic Salmon Fishing | Labrador - YouTube
  8. General Board
    This time last year we were a few weeks into a long dry hot summer,with the rivers down to their bones and the grass burnt dry.This year is the total opposite where there has hardly been 2 dry consecutive days, low night temperatures,high winds and generally just dreich weather,but at least...
  9. Trout Fishing
    Some good trout about this evening. Upstream am dry fly. Colin.
  10. Classified Wanted
    Don’t mind if it’s the dry creek version or the normal fabric version. What you got? Cheers
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    I won't lie I'm stressed. I've not cast a fly for a salmon since March and the rivers in my part are devoid of both water and fish. Now I'm old enough to have seen this all this before: I remember the summer of 1976. Actually talking of 1976 1975 was also a very dry year and the parallels are...
  12. Classified Sales
    Have the above bag for sale brand new Loop dry backpack 35 Looking for 65 posted Pm me if interested Davy sold pending
  13. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a good condition Loop Opti Dry Fly If anyone has one surplus to requirements please pm me Thanks Sorted thanks
  14. Classified Sales
    Selling the above back pack, it’s a 30 ltr bag It has been used once so in perfect condition Need a hip pack instead hence sale, it is totally waterproof and submersible so everything stays completely dry I paid £240 for it and would accept £180 plus £7.99 recorded delivery in uk Can...
  15. General Board
    Fishing for mackerel off Peel pier today I managed to hook an angry Eider duck in the wing. It survived unharmed but was furious! I have now caught a swallow on a dry fly, a gannet, a herring gull, a shag and a Kittiwake. Any other interesting catches of the feathered variety?
  16. General Board
    Just reading a book by Topher Brown's called 'Atlantic Salmon Magic' that I got for Christmas. He is very into fishing the bomber dry fly, he goes onto say he catches most of his fish this way, and will always go through a pool first with a dry fly before swinging the wet. This sounds very...
  17. Classified Sales
    Scott McKenzie DTX 15ft 10/11 shooting head rod (as new, perfect condition inc bag/tube) price lowered to £300 posted UK Photos available, I couldn't manage to upload them::redface:
  18. Rod Building
    Help please. I have a part built rod that I need to fix, owner airbrushed the blank with stars n things then tried to epoxy two sections however he did not use a flame or dryer to get the lumps out and I now have 2 sections with very lumpy resin on them that I have been asked to fix. Obviously...
  19. General Board
    just a quick question i had to wash my wading jacket today as it was practically coming alive :eek: so followed the washing guidelines no softner etc now im thinking i heard somewhere its ok to tumble dry and can actually help with the breathability? rather than letting it dry in the greenhouse...
  20. General Board
    I am stuck on this one in the T & S Crossword Shade of Dun Hackle used in traditional dry flies (6 letters) B _ A _ _ _ Thanks for any help
1-20 of 23 Results