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    Hi Folks; Just swinging in for a quick post as it's a busy season! Hope you enjoy the video. I'll drop by again to respond to comments. Too often anglers ignore snell's window when presenting dries and to often they move the fly quickly and inadvertantly when mending or correcting a drift...
  2. General Board
    Has anyone bothered to try and figure out which dry fly patterns work and when on the Wye...or even fished a dry on the Wye since La Branche was over and missed one on a dry at Hampton Bishop? Curious to hear... Cheers; silverleapers
  3. General Board
    Hi All, I am a new member to this forum. I have seen a number of articles on fishing 'dry fly' for salmon (admittedly in North America) - both in the popular magazines (e.g. Trout & Salmon) and also through other media such as the internet. I'd be very interested in trying a dry fly technique...
1-3 of 3 Results