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  1. General Board
    So many reports I didn't want to send PM's to all so I'll get it done this way. I sent the person a message and will see what happens next. If the post drive results in #51 being a sales post I knnow what to do and the radar is working. Thanks to the heads up :cool:
  2. General Board
    Well folks, today would've been the day the bus was filled with fishing gear, flee's had been tied, gear had been prepped, bags packed and hair combed for the annual Tweedy jaunt. Sadly its not to be, the 3hr drive North was allways an integral part of the week, once off the A1 the A68 was a...
  3. General Board
    Thinking of going to Galway/Connemara area just wondering is it best to go to Dublin or Dun Laoghaoire? And drive onward. Anyone got views on the services of these two routes? Any help appreciated.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    With the Cuckoo in full swing at the moment...can anyone beat hearing 114 consecutive calls as I did whilst laying in bed this morning? This will drive you all Cuckoo!
  5. General Board
    Conditions haven't been great recently, But on my drive to work today The Northie looked good The Dee looked very good Don looked good Spey looked good Findhorn looked good Nairn looked good Alness looked good and the allt grad looked good. Might all be a bit cold but the water looked better...
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    Have any of you used these yokies from Mr Frodin? Turbo Tungstern Tubes ... coneheads with a small extension in front ... a nipple if you like. Started tying on them in recent days and am pleased. Still pic illiterate, apologies. One downside is that the hole through which you drive the liner...
  7. General Board
    Can anybody help?? I'm trying to choose the right type of vehicle for being able to go fishing in sleep in for a couple of nights and with lots of ground clearence and perhaps all wheels drive setup that doesn't cost an absolute fortune to run, I've looked at transit vans with all wheel drive...
1-7 of 7 Results