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  1. Classified Sales
    Selling Monteith 63’ 10/11 Floating 42g Full Spey line. used but in good condition as only used for approx dozen occasions. Delivered to mainland U.K. for £15.
  2. Classified Sales
    As above , large quantity, £4 per dozen plus postage charge of £3.00 per order. Price drop, now £3.00 per dozen.
  3. North American Fly Patterns
    A friend asks me to tie a dozen every year for a donation flybox he puts together for a support public lands event. These dozen each year are the only steelhead/salmon flies I've tied in the past few years.
  4. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap some sort of line for a cross s1 12' , of similar value The lines haven't very little use , a dozen times at the most.
  5. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Wee set for a buddy. As requested, some with black and some with orange 'fronthackle'. Hope they catch a fish or a dozen ? The Ninja sneaked in unnoticed... Tight lines
  6. Fly Swaps
    11 names wanted for this month's swap. Flies will be due at my letter box on 24th April. This month theme is inspired by a recent thread on the forum. Tie an original pattern salmon fly, so something along the lines of the following list. Sunray shadow Collie dog Ally shrimp Irish shrimp Blue...
  7. Classified Sales
    20 x #6 partridge faulkus out barb trebles in nickle and grey shaddow and half a dozen #6 big mouth doubles £15 posted
  8. Patterns for other species
    I have a friend going to South America next week, luck sod. He will be fishing for tarpon and other species abd asked that I dress him some flies with zonker strip. Here are a random dozen
  9. Classified Sales
    6 piece 13ft 9in #9. SH 34-36 grms, Spey 48grms/56ft. Used half a dozen times and in excellent condition. £100 posted
1-10 of 10 Results