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  1. General Board
    Is it just me or is the reply with quote function not working properly, a few times I have done so and just my reply shows on the thread without the quote, :help:
  2. General Board
    This is a DIY bodge. I wanted to make my own welded loops but I don't have a hot-air gun and I find that a naked flame is a bit difficult to control for me. So, I took an empty soup can and with a sharp pair of scissors cut it around at 2.5 inches from the closed end. I then dished the closed...
  3. General Board
    Im wondering has anyone tried smoking salmon, rainbow trout, mackerel etc on the Barbeque? I have a Webber, the type with the dome lid. It'll be hot smoked, so do you still need to salt the flesh and how long smoking?
1-3 of 3 Results