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  1. General Board
    Scotland's salmon crisis: why our own rivers could be killing the king of fish | HeraldScotland
  2. General Board
    A while back someone put up a link or recommended a supplier of T 14 material in 30 ft lengths if I remember correctly. Can't find it on a search, could anyone point me in the right direction please?
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    I'm looking for some top quality hen capes/saddles in yellow, orange, red, black and blue.. If someone can point me in the right direction or has some for sale be much appreciated
  4. Classified Wanted
    Clear Flexible 3 MM OD Tubing I am trying to find some decent clear 3 MM outside diameter tubing to hold the hook on to a bottle tube,. I have gotten some clear tubing 3 MM OD tubing BUT the ID is way too narrow. If anyone can point me in the direction to get some or have some they would like...
  5. Reels
    Does anyone know if it's possible to change retrieve direction on these reels? Thanks! Svein
  6. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Today’s practice at mallard wings, a Logie #1. Not perfect but heading in right direction. Realise its not a hairwing, but can’t see where else it would fit so here it goes ?.
  7. Hunting & Shooting
    Looking for a decent waterproof jacket for my Springer if anyone can point me in the right direction to purchase one would be appreciated
  8. General Board
    Hi folks I looking for an orvis fly line winder but finding it hard to source 1 from anywhere, if by any remote chance that anybody has 1 or can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance ?
  9. General Board
    Scottish Ministers ordered to disclose names of Scotland's 'liciest' salmon farms to Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland - S&TC Perhaps a step in the right direction....
  10. General Board
    Hi folks I'm heading to the Isle of Mull for a few weeks & was wondering would anybody be able to point be in the right direction for some salmon fishing?
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone point me in right direction......6ft 3ins tall.....40/42 ish waist.....
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    I'm trying to find some suitable hen hackles to use for tying monkeys. Everything I can find is either too dull or bad quality. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have anything suitable I could buy from them?! Many thanks.
  13. General Board
    Looking for any info on coastal seatrout fishing in Denmark. Has anyone been that could point me the right direction ?. Flights, car hire, accommodation & permits Regards Old kipper
1-13 of 14 Results