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  1. General Board
    There has been a lot of interest in fishing the Dionard on the Forum in the past and it has been difficult to get a week. However, things have changed with new owners this year and there MAY be some availability where before there was none. The letting is now being handled by George Goldsmith in...
  2. Picture Gallery
    At the start of July I fished the Kyle of Durness and the sea pool on the dionard with my son. We only had 1 salmon but dozens of seatrout up to around 2lb mark. Mixture of fly and spinning..,:D
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Hi all, I am looking for some information regarding the fishing on the Dionard below the Rhigoltar Bridge. Are there any opportunities? can enyone provide contact details of syndicate owners.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Here are two photos of fish from last week on the Dionard. The salmon was quite a big one for the river, estimated at about 10 or 11 lbs. The sea trout was exactly 8lbs from the loch off the bank in conditions which could best be described as challenging. Lashing rain, gale force winds so strong...
  5. Tackle Talk Archive
    Hello, flying up from south America to the Dionard in the Gualin estate end of next month (June) and wondering what tackle to take, will my 9ft 8wt rod be adequate?. any suggestion on flies and gear? thanks...:)
1-5 of 5 Results