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  1. Rods
    Does anyone have knowledge / experience on the above trout rods? What are the main difference in performance and quality?
  2. Prawn & Shrimp
    Does the size of the prawn make a difference in low water.
  3. Rookies Corner
    Hi guys, I not used a skagit line yet but they seem to be very popular now. Can I ask what is the difference between using a skagit line and a fast sinking SH sink tip? Ok I know you dont need such a big loop behind you when casting a skagit but from a fishing perspective does it make any...
  4. Classified Wanted
    (wanted) hardy demon spin 9' Hi,as title i'm looking for one of the above rods if anyone has one that they want to get rid off,to be honest i've only ever bought cheaper spinning rods and was someone who thought that there's not a huge difference between them,but after everything i've read and...
  5. General Board
    This week the River Moy in the west of Ireland has a water temperature of 7.3 degrees Celsius (45F) and the river Tweed is 1.7 degrees Celsius (35F). Quite interesting difference even with current weather system, you would think they would be closer temperatures. Although there is usually a 5...
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    Always amazing to see the wide variety or new salmon patterns , I love fly tying myself especially salmon flies and have spent many an hour dyeing materials to match the in form colors like banana yellow, ruby claret etc. and tying on tiny double and trebles with full dressing or parks and...
  7. Trout Fishing
    When tying wet flies I have always folded my chosen feather for a wing..can.t remember ever pairing feathers for any of the flies I use..and with cdc.. being used now I don't see it needing to be done..only difference is until they are mangled by a trout they do look nice..more for catching the...
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    Been futtering about on different patterns of flies and using jungle cock feathers in small packs..I buy from ebay mostly and is see capes range from £30-£100+...What is the difference in these cheaper capes.As im not the best tier atm an dont want to spend a fortune on a cape to destroy it.
  9. General Board
    Anyone got any views if the colour makes a difference or not? Cheers S
  10. General Board
    £500.00 fine for man who says he mistakenly shot a protected buzzard on pheasant shoot on ralia estate newtonmore "keith riddoch of Aberdeen was found guilty at inverness sheriff court of reckless shooting, and told if he couldn't tell the difference between a pheasant and a buzzard he should...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    This is sobering, and depressing too, but it seems to me that we'd be mad to ignore it. Do read to the end and see if you might change your lifestyle in a way that might actually make a difference. Forgive the preachy tone please but it's too late for pretend and defer ... cheers Mass...
  12. Rookies Corner
    I have a airflo tactical quick spey, with the line marker in my hand there is 45ft outside the tip, i was thinking about getting a rio scandi body including the tip it has 39 ft outside of the tip, is the outlay worthwhile for the 6 ft of difference. For a 12,9 oracle Thanks Al
  13. General Board
    Just been looking at the Loop S1 Cross D/H 14' rod and the difference in prices between tackle dealers is amazing. One well known dealer online was asking 977.00 plus 20 p&p. The lowest price I could find again online was 819.00 (and prepared to haggle on price to get the sale when I phoned...
  14. Prawn & Shrimp
    On of my first questions on the forum lads..probably a bit stupid but here goes! What the difference in fishing the prawn or shrimp? Is it the same bait just diffrent names?
  15. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    OK gentlemen and ladies, can I bring your attention to the above if you are not already aware, there is a net limitation consultancy currently underway which if enough of us can make the effort, could make a great deal of difference to the salmon and sea trout stocks of the UK, these fish are...
  16. General Board
    Hello all, I have a question for all you fly castors out there.... The world of rods!! If you were to set up 2 unstamped or unidentified rods of identical weight and line size, one being a shakespeare and one being of a model of expense (ie sage) but you did not know this information. After...
  17. General Board
    I have been looking at the various rods that I own and have noticed that the reel seats sit in different positions in relation to the handle. Does anyone here actually "balance" their rod and if so where would one put the point of balance and does it make a difference? I would suspect that it...
  18. Lines
    Apologise if this is an odd question ?? Can anyone clarify the difference between a integrated shooting head line and a scandi spey line :confused:
  19. Rods
    Can someone explain the difference in action between these two rods? LWD
  20. Rookies Corner
    Hello all, this is my first post, so here goes.....use of freshwater, or coarse rods at the sea...? I asked the other day and was told the coatings on the line guides are the only real difference. If I am very careful, and wash them off with some soap and water after every outing, will I get...
1-20 of 20 Results