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  1. Classified Sales
    *********NOW SOLD********* I’m selling my RIO Scandi InTouch 3D line in Float/hover/intermediate. It’s a 10/11 line rating (640 grains/41.5 gram) head and used once only. Comes spooled and boxed. The RRP is £60 but I’m selling at £40 including P&P (UK addresses only). This line is as brand new...
  2. Skagit Lines
    Can anyone please advise on what weight of skagit line for a 14ft 6in Explosive? Line will most likely be a multi density type such as a Rio skagit max or Airflo FIST.
  3. Spey Lines
    Just rummaging in the garage and I came across a job lot of lines I bought from Norris. It was the last of the Revolution series, all without backing and box's and to be honest I'd forgotten all about them. There's one true gem in amongst them. It's the Tan coloured Neutral Density, it weighs 60...
  4. Swap Shop
    Swap this LTS triple density sinking line in 10/11 for a similar quality footing shooting head in 10/11. Great line for most Dee beats with 2' or more on the gauge. Used twice.
  5. Classified Sales
    For sale, Gaelforce equalizer triple density F/H/I 39gram/600grains used twice, in very good condition. Spooled & boxed. £35 posted UK. Thanks for looking. Line now sold, thanks
  6. General Board
    Their was an article on the numbers for successful spawning and par density on the river Tweed on here some time ago. Could someone give me the link to the article please. Thanks.
  7. Classified Wanted
    Looking to buy some Rio MOW light tips, any density considered.:thumb:
  8. Other Tackle
    Anybody using Gorilla UC-4 fluorocarbon for salmon fly fishing? Came across this fluorocarbon a while back and liked the fact that it has a lot of stretch relative to the more usual Saeguar; hence better knot strength, more flexible and less brittle etc. Apparently its popular with sea anglers...
  9. General Board
    Has anyone tried the Nextcast flylines, in particular the x2 density sink type heads?
  10. Classified Sales
    Brand new and unused on spool and boxed. LTS Triple Density looped shooting head 11 weight I/2/4 - ideal spring fishing - £25 - was £69 new
  11. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Mackenzie Phased 5 Density Shooting Heads & Running Line. Prices Reduced to: Mackenzie Phased 5 Density 10/11 44g Float / Sink 1 (Used Once) Now SOLD, Many Thanks,:) Mackenzie Phased 5 Density 10/11 44g Float / Sink 4. (Brand New) Now SOLD,Many Thanks,:) These...
  12. Classified Sales
    LTS Triple Density Shooting Heads - 48g Int/S2/S4 - Hover/Int/S3 1 of each Brand New - Cost £69.99 plus postage - Bargain £35.00 each
1-12 of 12 Results