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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Latest Trout and Salmon has a Stan Headley article in which the above is used but where do you get it? Len
  2. Angling Literature Section
    I know that this is a fishing forum but I enquire if any member has any books on deer stalking that they may wish to sell. Living in Aberdeen as I do, and a keen angler being fortunate to fish the Dee, Spey and the Don on a very regular basis, I am also a keen stalker and I thought there may be...
  3. General Board
    In recent years I pass I have helped pass the winter - which unfortunately is much longer and colder than those of the UK - here in Maine with a variety of little projects, and one of them is the use of my game camera. I have a couple of deer feeders around my yard, and we get some interesting...
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Pike predator saltawater Trout and Grayling fly tiers have been using various loop techniques which if you start looking about will show tons of ideas, making bodies and hackles like long chenneilles for your salmon flies, using hairs fur feather synthetic, You can even dub deer hair, wee trick...
  5. Hunting & Shooting
    Looking for an outing for a roe,,,,local to worcestershire/shropsire/warwickshire or similar,,,or just one off deer cull on farmers crop etc,,,have dsc level 1,rentokil technician,,,fully trained and insured,,, I am 65 in November and need a nice birthday outing,,,beats slippers any day,, Will...
  6. Hunting & Shooting
    BBC One - The Deer Stalker - Our Lives
  7. Step by Step
    Hi All, I posted some micro-skating muddler bullets in a post in the general topics.: This is play on a great fly posted by nwsalar in this month's TOTM...
  8. Hunting & Shooting
    Must be a better way surely :( Red deer culls using helicopters criticised - BBC News
  9. General Board
    I put out a bit of feed for the deer around my house in Maine during the winter. Most years I don't get going until well into December, but this year I started a bit early. A friend who is a big hunter and knows a lot about whitetail deer tells me that good availability of feed during their...
  10. General Board
    Wessex FM - News - Men sentenced following poaching incident in Dorset Quite a interesting read,seems that deer poaching is at epidimec levels in that area,weymouth,powersock common areas,what have the local police been doing? sat shinning leather seats with their asses? Deer,Boars and Salmon...
  11. Hunting & Shooting
    Red Deer from 4 yrs back.Cumbrian Deer :cool:
1-11 of 11 Results