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  1. General Board
    Does anyone have a 850 grain deep water express they would be willing to part with...Must be some Rome croy guys out there no longer needing it... Not wanting a new one as its literally only for 1 or 2 pools fishing for Kings..
  2. Patterns for other species
    I like this on the dropper at certain times or on the point in lower water when weed can be a problem if you fish too deep. I like a long hackle but in some publications it's a lot shorter. Anyone know the recommended size in the original ? Colin.
  3. General Board
    It's a situation we all envisage,but rarely meet. You're on your own. You hook a fish way too big for your net. You can't move position. There are no shallow areas to beach a fish. This was my predicament on Wednesday. You could say of my own making, and I couldn't argue. I normally carry a...
  4. General Board
    I’m going out with my pal tomorrow on the south esk. It’s a spate river and desperately needs water. We fished same beat last week with a similar water height and after fishing thru a pool in between real low rough water came to the conclusion that there were no salmon in it as I never touched...
  5. General Board
    So, I have offered to gather some info for my mate who is planning getting his dad a retirement present of a salmon set up. I'm trying to keep things fairly under control with spend so looking at low-mid range rods/reels. I have a number of Shakey rods in my collection which are fine so a...
  6. Picture Gallery
    Had to post this picture of a lad on another fishing group,the area is Stockton-On-Tees near Mecca bingo,the area was once tidal and is very very deep in places,the area is good for 100LB bags of bream and huge Perch aint that uncommon. Anyway the piccy. Could the Tees be home to a future...
  7. Northern European Style Patterns
    Danish pattern for salmon and sea trout. Body has a small, heavy cone behind the wing to add weight and lift the wing, so should do well in fast and deep runs.
  8. Northern European Style Patterns
    One from tonight This one is designed to blend in with the water colour in a couple of deep green pools with overhanging trees
  9. General Board
    You're going to have to raid the old piggy bank for these! Very Rare Pair of BOGDON 300M LHW Salmon Fly Reels | eBay
  10. Fly Tying Topics
    Wanted dyed Capes Anyone recommend where to pick up a few deep vibrant dyed capes in £15 bracket thanks in advance
  11. Classified Wanted
    Anybody offloading a reel.......looking for one for a mate, who's getting koma / deep kind of price range........thanks
  12. Rookies Corner
    Hi all, I'm off to the Gaula for the first time in the first half of June. Taking a Rio Skandi Versitip (15ft tips), however was thinking about buying a skagit head to take as well, if the water is high and we are fishing particularly deep. thinks its worthwhile, or the standard sink tips on the...
1-12 of 13 Results