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  1. General Board
    This is the published results of the 2019 Dee smolt tagging project
  2. Welsh Rivers
    Hi all and especially those who fish the Welsh Dee, I thought I’d get things kicked off for 2020. Anyone been out, I know the river was a bit high for the 17th - but anyone had a go? After the multiple high water / flood conditions (over 2+ metre on Manley Hall gauge a number of times) how...
  3. General Board
    Unfortunately I was unable to fish the Dee this week due to a back problem. I did however take my 4wt sage switch rod to Elinor fishery to practice my Spey casting and see how the back held up. My mates still went to the Dee, no fish, no kelts, no pulls and seals in the river to Banchory. I...
  4. General Board
    I know things are still early days, and conditions not exactly been good. But the catches are way way down, and reports form mates on the river, are fish are scarce. Are we seing the result of storm Francs destruction ? Jan 1016 puts us in line for poor returns on 2sw fish. Lets hope not. At...
  5. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    More pigs for the Dee.
  6. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    These are heading for the Dee next week if the river is still high
  7. General Board
    The river Dee trust has announced it is to plant a million trees on the upper reaches of the river and its tributaries,to help provide shade , food ,and nutrients for the waters and would also benefit a wide range of other wildlife. River Dee But then you have the numpty do gooders who want to...
  8. River Dee
    I have possibly a chance to fish the Dee for a few days this coming May or June. Where should i be looking to book, to have my best chance of catching a Dee salmon? Many thanks.
  9. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, Here are some photos from my previous week's trip to the river Dee. The fishing was tough but rewarding.
  10. Picture Gallery
    Another grilse from the Dee this morning.
  11. Picture Gallery
    A little grilse from the Dee.
  12. Picture Gallery
    There seem to be some fresh fish entering the Dee on the back of the high water.
  13. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    One of the Dee flies.
  14. River Dee
    Looks like the Dee has had it's first pink salmon of the year
  15. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, A throwback from my last year's Autumn trip to the river Dee. It was good fishing for a change :D I hardly managed some photos as I would have rather kept fishing all the time.
  16. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, Here are some photos I shot during my May trip to the river Dee. During five days of fishing I managed two wee seatrout and lost four grilse salmon. Not bad considering conditions at that time.
  17. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    I have week commencing the 5th of August available on Ballogie for 1 rod, will split into single days. Regards Mike
  18. Picture Gallery
    A wee Dee fish from 1st March
  19. River Dee
1-20 of 83 Results