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  1. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    A variant of the Black Eagle pattern taken from the 'Farlows Salmon Flies' by Martin Lanigan-O'Keeffe. The wings suppose to have cinnamon tips which would match copper tinsel, unfortunately turkey cinnamon feathers from my stock have got quite damaged tips, so have decided to go with the white...
  2. General Board
    Havnt posted pics of a catch lately as dnt like to offend anyone , but I've released a few this season and decided to keep this one , To be honest I've decided it's the last fish I'll kill ,
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Decided to have a wee meddle with this one. Went for the lighter blue body this time and changed the tungsten black cone for a lighter silver one. Also decided to thin the hackle down a bit. Lighter fly for a lower water I suppose. ? Won’t bore you all with anymore on the Monkey theme!! ?
  4. Fishing Videos
    Tried hitching for the first time this year in Scotland, really enjoyed the visual aspect of it and decided to try it at home in Ireland.. and it works here too! ??
  5. North American Fly Patterns
    Squidro variants, shrimpy type things, and the pink thing at the bottom is made from a replacement skirt for a "Shimano Lucanus" sea fishing"jig", so I decided to try one in fresh water, I'll just add a white orange or pink/purple single collar on top for variation.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Posted elsewhere - so some will have seen this! As mentioned in the reels section, I took delivery yesterday of a rather nice 1st Edition Hardy Golden Prince. Got it all spooled up and ready for the dying days of the season. Being slightly 'nerd - ish' I decided to give the case a clean out...
  7. Classified Sales
    Bought this from a forum member a few months back and have not even had it out the house and look's like Im not going to get the oportunity either therefore have decided to move it on. The rod is in perfect condition, £375 posted in the UK mainland. Thanks Kenny
  8. Classified Sales
    Sage 3500D Salmon reel, getting very rare these days, comes with original pouch and is in mint condition throughout. Recently serviced and converted to left hand wind by Sage in USA. Running line not included but will leave backing on. I have the 3600D which I use most of the time so decided to...
  9. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Been tying a few of these lately so decided to tye it up in the cascade style
  10. General Board
    Can’t remember who ,but thanks for the heads up about 50% off vision mag rods, and also to McxFisher for the in-depth review on this rod.Its a strange thing but some how I had a feeling I would like this rod,how right I was.I didn’t need another rod but decided to take a punt on the 14’ which is...
  11. Others
    I know this isn't salmon related but I know a lot on here fish for bass. I have decided to give up my ticket on local association water but still keep my 2 holidays in Scotland. I have decided to try fishing for bass with lures off the shore. I am no stranger to bass fishing but plugging is new...
  12. General Board
    I went out for 'throw' yesterday and decided to use my Rio SSVT #8 it was its first outing this year so I decided to give it a gentle stretch, I gently stretched the first 3' and as I the second 3' much to my horror - Snap! the line broke in two. The line appears in good condition and was...
  13. Classified Sales
    I'm selling an LTS Explosive 12'6" 8wt 4 piece rod. Rod in excellent condition, with a few very minor marks. Very lightly used. The rod is the orange/yellow? (scandi gold) colour. Have decided I prefer my rods with bendy handles. Further pictures available on request. Swap pending.
  14. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Finished the head, and owing to the one photo limit for the TOTM, decided to post these here as well. I know the butt is an addition that is totally my fault; lack of concentration. I gained a lot of confidence with this one over the Mar Lodge. I really appreciate comments that will help me grow...
1-14 of 14 Results