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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    MI9 have reduced Jezza Gonebyn's security status. He's now been downgraded to a more favourable 50/50 to make it through Parisienne road tunnels. 'One less terrorista Brian Cant to deal with' could be heard on the hushed mutterings of many south bank civil servants as they discussed their final...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hi looking for a sage 3400d to replace one that was lost on a flight . Cash or possible trades waiting for the right deal
  3. General Board
    In case anyone wants a new camera for fishing with next season. 404 No resource found
  4. Step by Step
    Last evening I was tying some of my favorite fall patterns including the incredibly beautiful and classic Thunder and Lightning. Since building wings made with waterfowl flank feathers such as bronze mallard can be tricky, I thought I would share the way I deal with it. I am sure there are...
  5. Swap Shop
    If anyone is interested in a trade with my NT8 12’9 9/10 for a NT8 14’9 9/10 please let me know by pm what deal you need. Thanks C
  6. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The poor Salmon farm industry will suffer if there is a no deal situation. No-deal Brexit red tape 'will cost salmon farmers PS15m a year' warns Ewing -
  7. European Rivers
    Nothing special going on at the time, obviously. We have had a more steady Winter than we have seen the last decade, and the snow cover is roughly on average for this time of the year. It has been colder than average the last week, and will be so for some time still. No big deal though, but You...
  8. Classified Sales
    non salmon related but if you like your sea fishing these right appeal selling*my Daiwas, an SHA20 and a SLOSH30 £85 posted for the SHA £55 the SLOSH Both pretty much*new and loaded with new braid alsocould do a deal on a swap for a 9/10 reel along with the beach rods I have up craig
  9. General Board
    Fancy a video camera for general use but find the Gopro series a trifle expensive for what ill be using it for. I have just seen this from J norris, I think that fishtec have the same deal :- Airflo HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera are they any good. does anybody have any experience with this...
  10. General Board
    Sad to see that Anglers Rendezvous , Shettleston Road , Glasgow , is closing down due to retirement , they are having an everything must go sale . I was in yesterday and there is many a good deal to be had , would much rather see it stay open but grab yourself a bargain while you can lads
  11. Ebay Bargains
    Special Offers: Discount Thigh, Chest Waders, Wading Boots Came to my inbox...not in the market, but looks a good deal.
1-11 of 11 Results