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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all,not sure what am doing as in posting things as am not computer/internet savvy.Been a member for a while but never thought I had much to contribute but love reading all the threads.Fished a lot in my younger days and have got back into river fishing again (Nith)in the last 4/5 years.
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walked into a pub,,,,,,,,,,those were the days.
  3. General Board
    In an effort to relieve the absolute monotony of self isolation, I take you back to much happier days when this unique, mostly unconscious, but nevertheless absolutely brilliant sense of humour lit up this forum.:) His artistic ability to recreate situations and relate stories in the most...
  4. Fishing Videos
    Did I hear it correctly? 70 fish on the opening day, 12 for 1 angler in 2 days? River Em Opening Days 2020 - YouTube
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Four weeks ago my wife and 5 of her friends had a day out at a pub/restaurant in a village out in the country,my daughter and one of the other husbands drove them there,and i picked them up along with the other husband,3 days latter me my wife and my daughter along with 3 of the other women had...
  6. General Board
    What's your views on the loss of fishing dates because of the Corona virus do you think you should be compensated for days lost that have been paid for or at least gave another few days that yous have paid for
  7. General Board
    Dont know if its been on before ,But will the pitlochry ac be refunding the ££ for the days not fished due to covid19 :confused::confused::confused:
  8. General Board
    All, I, as am sure many of you, have a number of days booked during the 2020 season and amounts to a considerable amount of money! Having queried the way forward on some of these rivers there are a number who are very kindly going to roll over the days to 2021 and for this I am very grateful...
  9. General Board
    Anybody know what the affect is on fishing already booked for this week......refunds from fishpal or alternative days.......not likely I'm thinking!
  10. Scottish Rivers
    Almost that time again to start getting ready for the season ahead (not that i get much time to fish these days). Tight lines to those who fish this bonny river. Kenny
  11. General Board
    From Angling Trust: "Only 4 days left to submit a response to the Environment Agency's consultation to seek views on the potential to extend the beach netting season for sea trout in Yorkshire and the North East. The closing date for this consultation is 21 February 2020. We feel that it is...
  12. European Rivers
    Son is now working in Stockholm and I plan to go over and visit him in August. The idea is to have a couple of days in Stockholm and then 3 or 4 days fishing. Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.
  13. General Board
    Anybody know the best place to get lengths of T20 to make into leaders these days? SP8
  14. Rookies Corner
    Hi All, my wife has booked me a gift of 2 days on one scottish river and then 2 days on another with a guide on1 day on each of the rivers. I'm also assuming I have the Ghillie services on each beat although not on a one-2-one basis. The package includes hotels on a dinner, bed and breakfast...
  15. River Dee
    Hi there, My other half has booked us a week in Ballater in Feb. I can bring my gear so Im after a few days on the river. Any tips for where to go n what flies etc. Ta, Matthew
  16. Picture Gallery
    Well that's the rods hung up for me. Smashed my pb this season by a mile! So happy days ? Finished with 2 fish today to end on a high.
  17. General Board
    Well sat here at home on the PC, checking out the condition of a washed out Ribble once more.Just had the Kray Twins out for a muddy splash about the fields and it's a cracking morning and looking like a cracking day. It's a month since I've fished now, the rain has spoilt my plans every one of...
  18. General Board
    Have always been a fan of JN, apart from their somewhat excessive postage costs. However a recent order has changed my views somewhat. On 15 September I ordered some polyleaders and a couple of shooting head wallets. Based on their delivery descriptions I opted for £6.95 postage (multiple...
  19. Classified Sales
    Above rod for sale,used for two days,comes with rod warranty.£300+post. PM for more details. “SOLD”
  20. River Tay
    Just back from almost 2 weeks on the Tay at Perth.I've fished here for over 30 years now and had some truly great times. Sadly it pains me greatly to say the once great River Tay is now beyond being on it's knees.1st two weeks of Sept., historically prime time and the Tay looks little more than...
1-20 of 111 Results