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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    is it just me or does it seem a hell of slot busier out there recently , more people, more cars supermarkets relaxing can someone enlighten me why? highest death rate in Europe and still around 600 dying each day ?
  2. General Board
    Hi I mentioned this in another thread. I’ve accepted the fact my 2 weeks in Tenerife in July ain’t gonna happen. Last year I spent the first 2 weeks in July in Tenerife and then took the young lad up the Helmsdale for a week to fish the town water the last week in July for the grilse. We had a...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Is this man's stupidity just endless? I rarely watch his press conferences but when I do I find myself cringing and just waiting for him to **** up...and as sure as night follows day what does he do?...he ****s up ? Dr Deborah Birx' body language speaks volumes. She looks as though she just...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Like a summers day at the River Moy Foxford.
  5. Picture Gallery
    This picture made my day. Big thumbs up :)
  6. Fishing Videos
    Did I hear it correctly? 70 fish on the opening day, 12 for 1 angler in 2 days? River Em Opening Days 2020 - YouTube
  7. Video Gallery
    Wee link to a short watch. But some stunning fish. Kills a few more minutes of your day. Salmon Fishing Club public group | Facebook
  8. General Board
    Happy St Patrick's Day to all our friends from the Emerald Isle. Cheers Diarmid.
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Is it me, but are there more Barn owls about at the moment than usual? I have seen quite a few hunting in the day time recently - is that normal for this time of year? Edit: trying to change title to Barn Owls, but cant seem to; perhaps Bar Owls is better anyway
  10. Scottish Rivers
    All the best to all the lads going out the morn for a cast and to Ronnie ewen enjoy your day
  11. River Spey
    Good luck to everyone out for the first cast tomorrow - On upper Arndilly. Looking at the weather it's going to be a challenging day but looking forward to it!
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    This is a copy of my most successful 'green' fly. My dad brought me some flies from a shop in Donegal Town in the early 2000s. This was one of them and caught me four grilse in a day in July that same year. I haven't used one since but might be tempted to try this one at some stage this season.
  13. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I hear a nice 7 lb salmon was taken on the fly on opening day.
  14. Picture Gallery
    First time fishing the River Annan (Hoddom Castle )! First time Euro nymphing! First grayling, followed by a few more! Looking downstream from Hoddom bridge, cold start... Duke's pool First grayling... Released.. Later on day, lady on one one of my wool creations (happily report...
  15. General Board
    The mighty Tay opens tomorrow. Doesn't seem to be much interest up to now. Perhaps we should run a sweep on how many fish will be caught on opening day. I would go for one and hope to be proved wrong.
  16. General Board
    beat on the tweed, not a long beat about 1.5 miles would be ideal and under 100 quid to fish in august/September for a day thanks.
  17. General Board
    This can be fishing or none fishing related! I already know what Paul's (Chicharito) is:thumb::D Without any shadow of a doubt, my one is the 19th of January. That's the day the my mate and I did the 752 mile round trip to pick up Niamh. I will always remember the text from Simon Grace of...
  18. General Board
    morning all, as the year draws to a close and with it the end of a decade , take a look back through the last 10 years and pick out your moment/s that stood out from an angling perspective For me I have been lucky enough to be able to choose a few instances, top of the stack a 30lb salmon of...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Modren day electrickery has much to answer for not that we'd be expected to know it. According to some top 'science' advice, we can best utilise wind and solar in order to power entire economies. It's bampots running bampottery via any scale. Some figs for instance: UK runs on about a...
  20. General Board
    Looking to book a weeks salmon fishing , a day here a day there so to speak on the above rivers, My brother in law has moved to just north of Huntly, so I had better go visit him and take my gear . I am looking for some advice as to best month march/april and what members might suggest with...
1-20 of 176 Results