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  1. General Board
    Just realised that I have not received the May issue of T&S which was due to be on sale on April 2nd!!!!I usually get mine delivered near the on sale date. Obviously the current situation could be the cause for this delay, but has anyone received their May copy yet ?
  2. Picture Gallery
    let's say ?to the bug as a bit of motivation I'd like everyone who can to try and tie one fly every day till we get out of this shyte storm and post it here with the date It doesn't need to be fancy ,it doesn't even need to be salmon fly anything goes hope you guys jump on it and let's see...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    I am again getting warning prompts on my device about the Forum Security Certificates being out of date and / or invalid. Is anybody else getting the same?
  4. European Rivers
    I was speaking to a couple of guys recently who had been due to fish in Russia a fortnight ago , I believe the rivers where formerly run under the ASR , Ive forgotten there names , The reason the trip was cancelled was that the Russian military where carrying out manoeuvres in the region and...
  5. General Board
    Thought my licence must be due for renewal soon but hadn't seen any e-mail about it. Managed to dig my licence out of my wallet and found that it had expired on 22nd April (and the previous year's licence expired 22nd May meaning I had an overlap of 1 month !). I thought that the EA would...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    It is 3.14 today which is Pi. Eat some pie to celebrate. Merkan date format which is the best date format.
  7. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    The draft regulations published today are proposing an 1 April opening with a 30August...
  8. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Anyone have any information on fishing lough beltra availability prices etc. Was looking at the webite but not sure if its up to date or not hoping to get a day on beltra as a gift for someone any help appreciated
  9. Loop
    Does anyone know if the blanks are different between the original 6-piece S1s and the ones now branded ST? No response from Loop on this to date.
  10. Fly Swaps
    Ok folks. Looking for 9-11 intrepid folk for the March swap. The theme for this swap is PINK & PEARLY. :cool: We will classify pink as anything from Barbara Cartland pink to Prince Purple and shades inbetween. Pearly is some lovely PEARLY tinsel bodies, all the best flies have one. Due date...
  11. Fly Swaps
    Ok folks. I'm willing to host a swap (hopefully) each month. Rules are simple. Tie a fly for each member of the swap +/- yourself and post them securely (meaning postman doesn't get stabbed) including a Stamped Self addressed envelope I would encourage any newer tiers to join as it is a great...
  12. General Board
    Well, the season is over for a great many of us and I put my last entry into my diary for the 2017 season this morning. I've kept these for many years now...more notebooks than a diary as such. Did lose a few due to a flood in the basement a while back:mad: In the old days it was just a date...
  13. General Board
    ... with regard to when to bin it and replace with new. Is it simply a case of taking a sample (in my case its mostly maxima) and testing it to breakage and deciding from there. With a poor memory and only getting to fish once or twice a year I find I am binning loads of it before every trip...
1-13 of 14 Results