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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    Yet again, flicked onto the forum only to be faced, yet again, with the Quantcast page asking my preferences re cookies, advertising et al. Here's a wee Xmas pressie for you Fish and Fly, to make things easy. My data, is my data and I'll never allow you to share it with anyone. Simples...
  2. News & Features
    Scottish salmon farmers (SSPO) have gone back on a deal to publish data on sea lice infestations and ignoring demands for the publication of this data as specified in the Scottish Parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee in March 2018. A reminder has been sent but no data...
  3. General Board
    Anyone had problems logging on. Been getting data error msgs since last night, all seems ok now, just wondering if it was only me. Thanks Ian
  4. General Board
    I am not sure if it exists and I have just missed it, but do the EA publish data on catches versus days fished, as a Ratio for each river? I know we fill in days fished on a river, and the catch from each river - but I dont seem to see the completed data compiled and published as the the rod...
  5. General Board
    Officials under pressure to produce proper factual and accurate data (or more accurately, their inability to do so to date). Stewart Stevenson came up with a cracker. If there's no data to confirm that there is fish in a river then it should be CAT 3.:) Always assume the worst. The LLAIA lads...
  6. General Board
    On another thread addressing the view in England and Wales, ( ) an interesting point was made about regionality: I thought it may be of use to look at some individual...
  7. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The maps below update similar ones previously posted on SFF. All the data is from officially reported salmon rod catch and rod effort data provided by the Environment Agency (EA) and Marine Science Scotland (MSS). The presentation of data is now improved by the data having been georeferenced...
  8. General Board
    Hi, just wondering if forum members know of any good website or apps that provide data on past rainfall etc (uk)? Also what's your preferred website app for forecasts?
1-8 of 8 Results