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  1. General Board
    I’m on Dalguise tomorrow via the Perth Club and I have to call the Ghillie tonight to confirm my attendance etc Can any one assist me with his name pls thanks KF
  2. River Tay
    What's a good height of water for Dalguise and which is the best Sepa station to check it out on. Len
  3. General Board
    Now the Perth Club has secured access to the Dalguise beat on the Tay, can anyone advise best Spring pools or any other good bits on the beat. Any advice or tips greatfully received. KF
  4. General Board
    Im going fishing on the Dalguise beat on the river tay for the first time this week, im fairly new to fishing as i only started a few years ago. Has anybody got any tips for spinning there and any info on the beat?
1-4 of 4 Results