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  1. Other Tackle
    More pics and drivel to bore you with :lol: - One of the many lockdown projects - a new wading staff Found a well-seasoned shank in one of the sheds and a drawer of various antlers I have accumulated over time, so decided to make a new wading staff! This one for general use, I have made others...
  2. General Board
    I am really struggling to get to grips with this, having spent the best part of 40 years, designing and creating both bespoke and single custom made pieces of jewellery, (customer requests and stock pieces) Being basically shut down is becoming an issue (only the 1st week!!!) I have the...
  3. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    A pattern taken from the book 'Farlows Salmon Flies', tied from a picture so not all is correct here. Hook used is the Partridge CS10/1 cut down to a real size 2/0 from 1/0.
  4. Classified Sales
    Zpey head and Salmologic short cut head Salmologic 18gram short cut head -Floating/intey/sink2 - SOLD ZPEY 18gram floating/intey head -£30
  5. Northern European Style Patterns
    I tied this one yesterday to pass an hour. I had three wings on it of orange, sunburst yellow and green but thought it looked very gaudy. I tried fiery brown fox but wasn't happy with it. Luckily, my tying buddy was at my side as usual, my springer spaniel, so a quick cut from under his ear...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Several years ago when I was going through a green fingered phase, I planted out a wee corner of the garden in tatties. A really poor crop put me off gardening forever and it became overgrown with weeds. Rather than go fishing today, I decided to do something a little more productive and cut the...
  7. General Board
    He has anyone cut 4' of a shooting head and if so where from front or back
  8. General Board
    I was hoping someone would give me advise on using tapered leaders. I currently use 15lb straight through and thought it may improve my presentation. Never used one before and not sure how to get the best out of them. sort of things i'm not sure about. Which make would you recommend Do I add a...
  9. Spey Lines
    Just rummaging in the garage and I came across a job lot of lines I bought from Norris. It was the last of the Revolution series, all without backing and box's and to be honest I'd forgotten all about them. There's one true gem in amongst them. It's the Tan coloured Neutral Density, it weighs 60...
  10. Fly Tying Topics
    Had some fun framing up some flies for the camp wall using "beaver cut" wood as an integral part of the framing. Same piece of wood in both frames cut in half on the band saw. Gary
  11. Lines
    Hi Does anyone know of any outlets or individuals in the UK who make and sell custom cut T tips? Was looking to get some in various lengths and weights..... Thanks.
  12. Classified Sales
    Float/Int/S2 cut to 35 G Hover/Int/3 cut to 36 G Not been heavily used, £35 for the pair posted. Sold pending.
  13. General Board
    Have a box of trebles size 10 tied on various patterns never use them. Is it possible to cut one of the points on the facing upward to the eye
  14. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a few 18gm salmologic short cut heads float,float inter
  15. Boots
    I've some wading boots that just need the felt soles replacing.Any one know where I can get simply just the felt soles them selves to cut and fit as a DIY job.Some of the kits/set's are very expensive!. Pedro.
  16. Sea Trout Fishing
    Been testing out some wake flies this season and tried to come up with a pattern which was quick and simple to tie and what also attracts the fishes so if anyone uses wake flies for seatrout try one of these out, very light to cast unlike your usual deer hair patterns and floats like a goodun...
  17. Step by Step
    Thought I might as well make a quick SBS for those interested... Materials: Rib/Butt: UTC ultrawire red Rear body: Green glitterbody Green Highlander hen hackle Wing: Fluo red&yellow bucktail, green supreme goat, green angelhair Front body: neon chartreuse uni floss Fronthackle...
  18. Shooting Heads
    Does anybody know a place where I could buu any of these lines? I'm looking for an 8/9SH system but I could cut back even a DH system to fit my switch rod. Regards
  19. Classified Sales
    Guideline 9/10wt 36g power taper short cut shooting heads; 1 Floating 1 Hover Intermediate Both are test cast only since new. £30 each or £53 posted for both in UK. Cheers Diarmid.
  20. Classified Sales
    Huge Gye net, Gilfin brand. Looks to be unused; unwanted part of job lot. If I ever hook something this big I think I would cut the line and run away" 27" x 30". £15. Carriage extra or welcome to collect.
1-20 of 25 Results