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  1. General Board
    A mate has been asking me about an old salmon fishing film were the presenter looked and dressed like err Alan Partridge of all people. Its cracking him up if any one can help? Cheers
  2. Picture Gallery
    After a 12 hour nightshift last night I'm glad I still went to the river this morning and was rewarded with this cracking fish. It weighed about 12lb and I caught it on beat 8
  3. General Board
    Unfortunately I was unable to fish the Dee this week due to a back problem. I did however take my 4wt sage switch rod to Elinor fishery to practice my Spey casting and see how the back held up. My mates still went to the Dee, no fish, no kelts, no pulls and seals in the river to Banchory. I...
  4. General Board
    Wondering if someone can help? When people post pictures, sometimes I can’t see them. There’s a paper clip at the bottom of the thread/post, people are saying cracking fish etc but I can’t see it. Any help much appreciated.
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Moriston strikes again. Cracking fish!
  6. Classified Sales
    Skagit Master DVD's 1,3 & 4 Sold Got the following DVD's for sale:- Skagit Master 1 - All about the basics of Skagit Casting - £15 posted to UK SOLD Skagit Master 3 - Steelhead Flies beyond the books - £15 posted to UK sold Skagit Master 4 - Double disc -Cracking the Code - Fishing & fly...
  7. General Board
    Officials under pressure to produce proper factual and accurate data (or more accurately, their inability to do so to date). Stewart Stevenson came up with a cracker. If there's no data to confirm that there is fish in a river then it should be CAT 3.:) Always assume the worst. The LLAIA lads...
  8. Picture Gallery
    Just a handful of piccys from the fed this year, cracking water on the till, coquet and tyne. The 2 big silver bars are Feb and March springers off tyne and coquet. Cracking value for money for the water available
  9. Picture Gallery
    first decent sea trout for me gave a cracking scrap
1-9 of 9 Results